Ok, so I'm finally to episode 10 of Titans and my opinion has changed

So I’ve been with DCU since about a week or so after it launched last year. When they released Titans I watched the first few episodes and HATED IT. Like completely. Tonight I finally sat down and watched ep 6-10 and I’ve gotta say that had I watched through episode six back then, I’d probably have stuck with it. It was the first truly good episode in my opinion. Although the Hank and Dove episode was the absolute best. I still have some issues with how a few of the characters are portrayed and how it’s all Zack Snyder dark and gritty DC, but I’ve got to say, it did get better.

Not trying to crap on the series, per se. I just kinda wondered if there’s anyone else like me where it took a lot of episodes to finally win them over and what episode it was?

For me, I enjoyed the show well enough but I didn’t think it was anything special or had much potential until I reached episode 4. Seeing the Doom Patrol in live action is what sold me. And then the Doom Patrol show came out and that was amazing.

I’m finishing up Titans season one now and will start DP later tonight. Glad to hear it won’t disappoint.

I enjoyed Season 1 but am in love with Season 2 so far. In Season 1 my favorite part was the father-daughter relationship between Grayson and Rachel.