OK… OK… I’m Just Going To Say It


Ok, so, I just want to let all of my DC Family know something.

No matter what you are going through, how horrible things may be, or how alone you may feel.
There is a LOT of people in this community that loves, appreciates, and cares for you.

Do Not give up.
Do Not continue to put yourself down.
Do Not feel like you are the only one.

You are loved.
You are cared for.
We Are your family.
You Will always have someone who wants you HERE.


Stay strong … Stay together … Stay here with us…your DC Family

No matter what you’re going through, you will get through it… because deep inside, there is a super hero in you.



Thank you




I am so huggable.







Your kindness and positivity makes this community a better place. Your talent makes it brighter. Your sense of humor make it more fun. Thank you for being you.


Thank you my friend. But you all are the awesome ones. :sunglasses::+1:t2:


Beautifully put!

Much love, BB! :hugs:


Thank you so very much.


Right on @bigblock66 :smiley:



Unfortunately, I’ve learned some people have no niche. No matter where I go, what I do, what I say, I don’t ever have anyone who can relate. I’m stating this because the adage of everyone is connected only applies for most people. Those who are disjointed from everyone should be recognized as well, but then again if they’re on an isolated location, who else would know?.


Ummmmmm… is everything ok? Did someone on here do something or say something to upset you? I don’t think anyone was trying to make you feel excluded. In fact, I’ve always considered you, @ejdias.95910, and @DickGrayson_TheBoyFriendWonder to be the first 3 friends I’ve had on this community. If I’ve done anything to make you feel like I don’t want you around, I’m genuinely sorry.




I am genuinely sorry that you feel isolated. I get it, I’ve felt that way for a long time, but it does get better. However, it does not get better overnight, you have to be open for potential change in order to allow it to happen. I don’t know you personally, I don’t know your situation, but please accept this community as a potential stepping stone… it’s what I did.

I’m not saying that it’s magic, but the more you remain closed off the more time will go by with you feeling lonely. You can’t make friends until you put yourself out there.

You don’t have the same tastes as people? Maybe try exploring new things, maybe you’ll discover something about yourself that you may not have known before.

I used to think I never wanted to attend in person classes at my college. Then I was forced to. I never thought I would make any friends once I did, and I graduated this year with a new best friend cheering for me in the crowd. I never thought I would like anime, but I tried one that appealed to me and I did. I never thought I was a fan of the beach, but I went and I fell in love with it. I never thought I would like working out at the gym, but now it makes me feel empowered. The list goes on.

I know we don’t talk on here a lot, but as @Jurisdiction said, he considers you a friend on here, and he’s one of the most friendly users here that I know. Please do not overlook and ignore that. The more you allow yourself to be negative, the more you actually will be and it will effect the way you view life. I know this because I deal with this every single week, and I have to remind myself of the things I have to look forward to. I’m not saying that you need to start viewing life as being full of rainbows and unicorns, but I’m saying please accept some positivity when it presents itself to you.

The whole purpose of this thread is to shed some positivity on everyone here, regardless of whether you know everyone here or not. At the end of the day we are a community in a pretty awesome fandom, and this is indeed one of the closest and positive fan forums that I have ever seen, and that’s what many people like about this. That’s what unites us. There are plenty of people here who would like to talk with you on threads, but you have to be open and less negative with your posts. Many people like this forum because it usually lacks negativity when we live in a world that’s already full of it. People here can discuss things they like, people here share their current struggles when they need an outlet, and many respond with words of encouragement when they need it the most. That’s something I want to do for you here.

I know making friends in person is hard. I know maintaining friends in person is even harder. I know how heartbreaking it is when those relationships come to an end, but there is always the next person or thing to come along, and they will cross your path when you least expect it. But you have to be open to let it happen first.

With all that said, please be more open to other users here. Please try to focus on some positives when they arrive. Do you own any collectables? A lot of people here like to post about them and talk about them. Found any varient covers that you think are cool? A lot of people here post them and talk about them. The list goes on for the many different ways people here have connected with each other. My very first post was a year after I subscribed to DCU, and it was just a random shot in the dark with a Doom Patrol episode review. I was absolutely terrified about putting myself on the internet where anybody can respond to me however they wanted to, but I took that chance and now I have a lot of mutuals that I talk to on the regular… and I’ve been a lot happier since then.

It’s those small steps, but they have a really big payoff if you keep up the effort and allow it to. And please try to focus on the positive, I am begging you. If someone’s post makes you laugh, tell them, and then take it from there. There are many people here who will welcome you with open arms (at least virtually anyway) and are happy to do so, but keep in mind that it also applies to you in return.

Sorry this post was so long, but I saw your post and I had a lot to say about it. I don’t know you, but I want you to be happy, and the least I could do is try to offer some ways to try it. You’re not the only one who feels the way you do, but life doesn’t change until you make the change, no matter how hard it may be. The results may be a lot more surprising than you thought they would be :heartpulse:


I don’t think anyone could’ve said that any better than you just did.


Well said.


Very well said, Mrs. Todd.


Well said and very kind of you.

Jason would do well to listen to his wife!



Nobody could have said it any better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I truly apologize if I offended you in any way. That was not my intention at all.
I simply wanted everyone in this community to know that you are all loved and appreciated.
I deal with severe anxiety, OCD, and depression, and i know there are many others on this community that have the same.
And we all hold each other up when one is down.

There have been many times when I went out of my comfort zone and vented on the forum, and it never fails…there are always some truly loving people who step up and make me feel cared for.

There are a ton of really amazing, caring people here, and will always be there for you in times of need.

Again, I’m sorry if anything in my post was taken in a negative way. I was just wanting to try to encourage everyone.