OK It Been Awhile (Trying to Watch All DC Things on HBO Max)

OK so i have watched around 20 movies/tv shows im not gonna lie there have been some super good ones but also super bad ones (catwomen) Any way by request my first review is on Suicide Squad Hell To Pay, This movie was really good with great structure (way better than the live action Suicide Squad) Harley added great jokes and laughs dead shot really kept the whole movie together rating (8/10)


Let me know other movies you want me to review :smile:

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Ya I love hell to pay I say 10/10 for me

What about suicide squad the real movie what do you think of that

I liked it more than most people did I think margot robbie did really good with harley but the plot was not put together well overall it a (6/10)

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Have you watched Batman: Assault on Arkham? I thought it was the best of the Suicide Squad movies.