Ok I m conused about this time line

I m confused about the Time Like 2 great Graphic Novels,.
Batman The Killing Joke
Batman Hush
I notice those two book all about 15 years apart
and The Dvds
Batman The Killing Joke
and Batman Hush I notice a 4 year gap
So How old would that make Batgirl and.

The reason why i said is is because I notice that Batgirl is IN Hush.

From Zachary Muzichuck (Muisc Chuck), I just wish i had a job with you guys and paid to do it and can talk abotu this stuff all the time.

And Happy 30th anniversary too Batman 1989

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The Killing Joke movie and Hush movie don’t take place in the same universe.

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The Killing Joke movie is in its own universe and Batman: Hush movie takes place in the DCAMU.

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