Official Swamp Thing Full Trailer Drops Today!πŸƒπŸŒ±πŸƒ

Folks are already gathering up over on the DC YouTube channel to watch the Full Trailer of Swamp Thing, dropping in just 10 minutes- you can join the crowd here:

And be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!


I’m not a big horror fan but I will definitely be checking this series out. Looks awesome


Exciting, looks like Team Swamp.LOLπŸ‘˜


Looks great!


It looks like they did an outstanding job bring the Swamp Things universe to life


Did I actually see the Blue Devil outfit in the trailer? Was I just seeing things?


Hype level is pretty high for this for sure. James Wans involvement is huge.


so good, cast looks great, can’t wait for Friday!

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I am not a big horror fan, but it does look good. And loved we got a further peak at the Blue Devil. Ian Ziering is inspired casting on that one.

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I was considering not watching this because I’m not really big into horror, but after seeing this trailer, I think I’ll give it an episode. The cast looks great, and the production looks really good. I may get the bejeezus scared out of me in the process, but what’s the harm, right?

I’m trying to find DC universe on my ps4 store but cant how can I watch on my tv?

Sadly I think you have to mirror it on your tv for the time being. For whatever reason DC has neglected to give us an app for anything but mobile devices…

Also this looks friggin’ wicked!!!

I was able to get the app on my Roku tv as well as the Amazon firestick, just fyi. As far this show, I can’t freaking wait! It looks so dark and gritty, I love it. Now where’s my live-action Deathstroke show DCU?? It’s way past due time… sorry Swampy, not trying to steal your sunlight.


The guy who played The Blob in Wolverine: Origins is going to be a pre-Floronic-Man Jason Woodrue, and the guy who played Quentin Glass in the first Punisher Movie is Avery Sunderland… but why are Abby and Alec both brunettes?