Official NYCC Announcements Hot Off The Press!

Here it is, folks- the news coming at you right from the 3rd floor of our DCUHQ in New York City! As the spinmeisters like to say, DC Universe continues to deliver new content, robust community engagement, and real-world experiences to its members. During the grand opening reception of a new, pop-up activation titled, DCU HQ, the subscription service highlighted updates to the platform and previewed new content coming in 2020.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Harley Quinn Release Date:
    November 29th!

*BizzaroTV! (Personal favorite!)
DC Universe announced a new anthology series, titledBizarroTV, that will feature fan favorite characters from the more obscure corners of the DC universe. This mixed media series is coming toDC Universe in 2020. Produced by Blue Ribbon Content, Warner Bros. Television Group’s digital production unit, this new show demonstrates the Television Group’s commitment to create original and compelling programs for the digital marketplace. Blue Ribbon taps into the Studio’s established creative team, while also identifying new and innovative talen t to deliver cutting-edge series in the short form format. A showcase of experimental styles and creative voices and visions that will be a mix of live action and animation; deep cuts from the DC portfolio of characters such as Space Cabbie, Ambush Bug, Slam Bradley and the Creeper!

  • New Home Entertainment Releases
    More WB Home Entertainment releases will be coming toDC Universe in 2020, particularly because the movies have been so popular with members. The most watched movie on the DC Universe to-date is the animated original Reign of the Supermen, which debuted on the service January 29, 2019.Due to its popularity, even more home entertainment movies will be coming in 2020, includingWonder Woman: Bloodlines, Superman: Red Son and Justice League Dark: Apokolips. These original animated movies will be available on DC Universe just 90 days after their physical release date.

  • DCYou Unscripted
    In another fan first, DC Universe unveiled a partnership that - for the first time - provides DCU members the opportunity to create an unscripted series that has the opportunity to launch onDC Universe.

*New Community Launch!
New features will be available to members starting on October 23, 2019 as a part of “Community Week”, a special event for members on the service. It will include special guests and top-notch creators from comics, TV, animation, and more, who will join the fun by participating in Q&As, book club discussions, live Watch-Alongs with behind-the-scenes insights and deep dive explorations of the shows and scripts. Community week will kick off with a Q&A withTitans series star, Anna Diop!

This upgrade to our community is a meaningful evolution of the platform in direct response to member feedback. The new features will give fans more opportunities to interact, participate in live Q&A’s with DC talent, and find their niche fandom with comic book and fan clubs, earn badges and level up for even more exciting opportunities and exclusive rewards.

  • Comic Books
    Jim Lee wrapped up the evening with a rundown of data pulled from comics readership patterns on the service.DC Universe members have read over 9.5 Million comics on the platform to date, just over this inaugural year. That’s about 395,000 comic books read each month! With the ability to read comics page-by-page or auto-play on a big screen - members are guzzling comics on the service.

The top comic on DCU isDC Universe: Rebirth No. 1 (2016). And it is no surprise that The New Teen Titans (1980) No. 1 comes in as the second most-read comic.

Speaking of favorite characters, the titles most read on the service coincide with hard-to-find classics, including Batman from 1940, as well asInjustice: Gods Among Us from 2013. Here are the top five books that dominate:

Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)
Batman (1940)
Batman (2016)
Batman (2011)
Injustice 2 (2017)

And there you have it, folks!

TL;DR - Release date for Harley Quinn November 29th, New Community October 23rd, animated releases 90 days past physical release including Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Justice League: Dark, and Superman: Red Son, DCYou, now accepting pitches for YOUR unscripted DC content ideas, and YES, BizarroTV, featuring Ambush Bug, Space Cabbie, Creeper, and more!

All right, friends. If this isn’t everything you want in DC Universe, we don’t know what’s left! Tell us everything you’re excited about in the comments below! :tada:


Wait, so we’ve gone from getting the animated movies the day of physical release to THREE MONTHS after the physical release? How is that anything but a downgrade?


Thanks for taking care of us! I was about to scour the internet looking for these announcements. I’m really looking forward to BizarroTV and that Justice League Dark movie! DCYou sounds very interesting. I can’t wait to see what the community members come up with. There are some really creative people here!



I’m pleased as Punch (not Jewelee though :wink: ) that a Superman titled TV show is coming (yes, yes, it features characters from all over, but it is named after a Superman character) AND that the #1 viewed movie on the service is Superman related too.

I’m also happy that DC Universe: Rebirth #1 is still proving to be a massive success well over three years after its release. It’s one of the best one-shots in DC history, and it absolutely deserves the success.

So…with that 90 day rule in mind… does that apply to seasons 2 and 3 of Batman Beyond in HD then? I would hope not since we got season 1 going on two months ago. Unless the 90 day rule is retroactively applied and we get 2 and 3 in November. That’d be schway.

I LOVE the idea of members being able to pitch an idea for a future DCU show, but why unscripted only? I’d pitch Marshmallow Pete (along with Superman and Lobo shows) faster than Randy Johnson pitched his fastest ball ever if scripted shows were allowed. Bet on it.

Will there be any notation here of the Amy Dallen hosted DC Collectibles panel during or after it takes place (I think that’s tomorrow, right?)?

Anyway, AWESOME news! DCU continues to impress!


So the movies on the service are so popular that we will no longer get them on the day of the physical release? I agree with Jay-Kay, that seems like a major downgrade in service.


@jay_kay They are ALL coming. No more will this? won’t this. Ex. Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn’t come.


Aw man, no one is excited about the new community release? Bummer.


Bizzaro TV sounds really interesting along with the DCYOU and New Community Launch stuff! Really looking forward to watching Superman Red Son and JLD:A also.

A little bummed that you wont be sending everyone ice cream cake but I will get past it eventually. :disappointed:


I am AJ. Editable posts…finally!!!

I’m definitely feeling the aster for an anthology show. It’s a great way to showcase and educate people about lesser known characters. And I do love me some lesser known characters. The Creeper!!! Bleepin awesome!!! Maybe this will up the schedule for getting things like The Creeper series in the comics archive (hint…hint)


Exactly what is defined as WB Home Entertainment? Is this just the direct to video releases, or is this also Joker, HQ/BOP, WW 84 will be here 90days after physical release?


DCYOU, huh? I’ve got to know more about this. I need to start developing my own trivia show.


Super excited about all of this! Especially Bizzaro TV and the community updates! I hope I’ll finally be able to find a community to obsess over Gotham Academy with :slight_smile:


I hope there’s more news to come this week! (For the love of GOD give us Teen Titans season 6!)

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I am also excited for the new community stuff, I’m just sad to say that the animated movie thing was what initially grabbed my interest.

3 Likes is where you go to find out more information about DCYou Unscripted, FYI.


I can only assume they were losing sales money releasing the movies day of…so I’m all for anything that keeps the service around but man…that 3 month gap is depressing


If you go by the sales numbers from the only movie you could say was hurt by being on DCU day of physical release is Reign of the Supermen. Just looking over the last couple of year the DC animated movies seem to fall within the $200,000-400,000 except for The Death of Superman. Also the last few releases on the-numbers only show the Blu Ray sales and not the DVD sales. I’m also not sure if 4K sales are included with the regular BR, so those could be unaccounted for as well. And to be fair to the-numbers they may have started combing all sales under one list. Also to be fair to WB/DC the-numbers could be the worst site for finding sales numbers. But if the-numbers is close to being correct with the sales numbers I’m not sure I buy the animated movies being on DCU day of physical release hurt sales except for week 1 sales. And if I remember correctly the 2009 Wonder Woman not having great week 1 sales is why there was no sequel even though it was the second best seller for a few years or something like that.


I need to correct myself, it should be $2million-4million and not $200,000-400,000.


Yay for News from Day One!

-Harley Date: Awesome!
-Bizarro World: So much potential!
-Home Entertainment Releases: No worries here; I always buy the BluRays on day one anyway (especially because of the new Showcase Shorts!)
-DCYou Unscripted: More content is always good! And the opportunity to be involved? Even better!
-Community 2.0: Yessssssss!
-Comics: The numbers don’t really surprise me. This service is Da Bomb.

My main disappointment is the lack of a Stargirl trailer. When’s the next big convention? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@AJ Of course Community 2.0 is a big deal, but the other stuff is brand new information that is brand new to us in its brand new brand newing brand newness :slight_smile:

I love that the comics numbers are so high. Ever since the full digital library was made available, THAT has become THE defining attribute of DC Universe for me. All of the other entertainment is along for the ride while the comics shine high and proud (as they should, since nothing else on the service would exist without them) as the gleaming, awe-inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful jeweled crown of this “kingdom” that’s just past a year in its rule.

For anyone curious, I don’t know if we can yet say ALL Home Entertainment will be here. There will likely still be titles that will have restrictions for assorted reasons. The HE label is likely a figurative tarp that covers direct-to-video animated movies from the DC Universe Movie line, TV shows that are receiving new home video releases (think HD remasters) and special exceptions along the way. Basically the kind of video content that’s already on the service.

The big theatrically released DC movies of the past and present (and those to come in the future) will likely reside on HBO Max, with select older titles also residing on this service as they have since September 2018.

Again, I’m VERY excited over this news. I’m not waiting 90 days until new animated movies come here to see them for the first time though. In the lead-up to that time, I could rent or buy select titles and watch them many times over in that period.

However, when they DO come here, rest assured that I WILL also watch them on DCU in addition to however I saw them prior to that 90 day window closing.

Now, you’ll excuse me. My microwave Johnny Cakes are ready, and I have pitches to fine tune.