Official November DC Community Book Club: Freedom Fighters!

Let freedom RING!

In the horrific world of Earth-X, a team of American superheroes fight against tyranny and oppression to protect civilians from the Nazi agenda — they’re the Freedom Fighters, and they’re here to stand up for what’s right!

Running from November 13th to Dec 1st, we’ll be reading Freedom Fighters #1 - #3! Remember, these three issues will be free to read for the rest of the month, so head over to DCUI and get reading! Discussion questions will be posted every Monday.

Week 1 Discussion Questions
  1. The opening pages of Issue #1 show a bloody battle between the Aryan Brigade and the Freedom Fighters. What tone does this opening scene set for the rest of the book?

  2. What do you think the threat of Plasmodia represents?

  3. On page 15 (on DCUI) Uncle Sam tells Stormy Knight/Phantom Lady to reconsider her celebration after defeating Plasmodia. Does Uncle Sam have a good point, or do you think celebrating their victory is justified?

  4. What is your opinion on superheroes working with the government, as is the case with
    the Freedom Fighters? Do you think superheroes should serve as independent parties?

  5. Based on their short introduction in the final pages of Issue #1, what do you think of The Renegades?

Week 2 Discussion Questions
  1. Do you think Uncle Sam was right to pull the Freedom Fighters out of the fight with the Renegades, even though he left Black Condor behind?

  2. How do you think the demons view the Freedom Fighters, as well as the shamans and everyone else who opposes them? Do you think that the demons feel they’re in the right, and that they see all these peoples as “intruders” upon the natural elements, or do you think everything they’re doing is strictly just for the sake of evil?

  3. Which Renegade do you think would be the most challenging to take down in a fight?

  4. What other characters from American mythologies would you call upon for help in a fight, and why?

Week 3 Discussion Questions
  1. Did you expect Phantom Lady would be the single hero that can imprison The Renegade demons?

  2. On page 11 (on DCUI), Phantom Lady expresses frustration at the fact that the Freedom Fighters let innocent people die in an earlier encounter with the Renegades. Do you think she was right to put so much pressure on herself and the team? How should superheroes balance/process guilt like this?

  3. How do you feel about the combination of themes like American mythology, cultism and the supernatural elements throughout this issue? Do you think it effectively develops a strong story?

  4. At the end of Issue #3, we’re introduced to a mysterious (and very violent) character, who references his grandfather by the name “The Jester”. Who do you think the Jester is?

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Nice. Was too busy to do last month​:sweat_smile: but will do this.


Is this the same team as the miniseries by Venditti and Barrows?


Happy Veteran Day @staticshocks, awesome book choice! :saluting_face: :us:


First week of discussion questions are up!


Yes sir! That rendition came about 9 years after this one.


Week 2/ Issue #2 questions are now live!


Issue #3/ Week 3 discussion questions are now live!

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