🎊Official DC Universe New Year’s Resolution Thread🎊

In these dwindling days and hours of 2018, we here behind the scenes of the DC Universe community have been taking some time to reflect on how we’re going to charge into 2019 better than ever.

With that in mind, our New Year’s commitments to you, the DC Universe community, are to:

:bulb:Encourage a welcoming environment for new members
:bulb:Sustain a positive environment for existing members
:bulb:Continue to reward Community Heroes
:bulb:Create a robust calendar of unique, digital community events
:bulb:Brainstorm possibilities for in-person meetups
:bulb:Evolve our tools and content as the community grows
:bulb:Maintain a transparent and responsive communication system
:bulb:Support our Alpha Lanterns moderation team
:bulb:Promote DC fandom wherever we may go!

These past 3 months of 2018 were just the beginning, so buckle up, friends; 2019 is going to be one wild ride!

How about you? Is there anything above that got you particularly excited? What are your commitments for 2019? Let us know in the comments below!


I’ll bite, but once I say a resolution imma have to do it!:sweat_smile:
When it comes to DC, I’d really like to start branching out and reading more comics outside my comfort zone, particularly based on the recommendations of this community.

I’d like to keep a cool head and always make an effort to see both sides of any discussion that emerges, even if it’s not aligned with my personal worldview.

I want to always make sure the mods know how freaking amazing they are (shoutouts to KittyKrawler, MissInkBlot, Harleys Puddin, WhySoSerious_Lo, and Pretty.Poison.Bombshell real quick).

I want to get more work done on my Swamp Thing and Watchmen tattoos.

Outside DC, I want to travel for fun more, and learn to unplug every once in a while, so I can come back stronger than ever.

Working out and eating healthy is for the birds.


In 2019, I plan to continue reminding myself to workout, whilst wholeheartedly knowing I will not.

I also plan to devote more time to my design work and spending less time watching Netflix.

I’ve already started branching out to other comics that are not WW or Batman. So, I’ll just go ahead and commit to continuing this oh-so-arduous effort.

And I definitely commit to trying my best to work less so I can spend more mommy time with my Lil Man. ^ ^


Just realized my second commitment conflicts with my last.

So, you can see why the last one was necessary.

So to modify the two, I commit to finding a healthier balance between my work life and home life. ^ ^


Some of my new years resolutions are

finish every season of the CW DC shows and watch every episode of Gotham the day it airs episode 1 coming soon Jan. 3😍

Build up my comic collection some more

Buy every DC movie game and show I can find

Start making cosplays of the characters I’ve been creating

Write some fan comics

Go to comic Con (note to self try not to scream and fanboy when I get there)

Make my room more of a DC shrine

Build up my Harley Quinn collection


LOL @LadyWonder, I entirely hear exactly what you’re saying when you resolve to “continue reminding myself to workout, whilst wholeheartedly knowing I will not.”

We can help each other try to find better work/life balance! <3


@Catboy20, yes please!! I’d love to see your cosplays on here. If you need tips feel free to jump in and ask, I’ve seen some uh-mazing work on our Fan Creations board.

Another note to self: Best part of going to comic con is that everyone around is screaming and fanning out right along with you :slight_smile: It’s total freedom to be yourself!


In no order:

-put in place and strongly regulate better eating habits
-work out more
-refine and write more fan fiction
-be more social IRL

I guess those are the priorities ATM.


To finally play through all those Arkham games…


I love DCU’s resolution for us! Let us know if we can contribute!

For me, my resolution is to finish reading comics that I’ve bought, but didn’t make time to read.


Get a new car, make a dent in my ‘read’ pile, and enjoy my job.


My resolution is to, of course, read more comics on this device and elsewhere. But the bigger and more personal resolution for me is to be a more persistent and positive presence, not just with the guys and gals in it, but for anyone new coming in, regardless of whether they are discovering DC through TV, Movies, Comics, Animation, etc.

It’s fun to be among like-minded folk, but it’s also important to at least have a small part in building new fans.


Cripes, I forgot to comment on DCU’s resolutions I’m excited for.

All of them. DCU is bad@$$!


I would add extra support for in-person meet-ups. Maybe a big ol’ Shazam party in April?


Work harder to focus on what I love about DC as a whole👍🏻(less negative)

I look forward to my DC UNIVERSE in 2019.

Happy New Year my fellow comic book geeks :grin::clinking_glasses::champagne:


Titans rocked 2018.

Bring 2019 the Doom Patrol Harley Quinn more Titans Stargirl Swamp Thing and all the other goodness promised to us


Work hard not to get annoyed with DC trolls


Please add… Support applications to view our product in xbox and PlayStation systems.


Happy New Year DC! Titans show is Awesome!


Happy New Year DC family. Much love to all of u & the MODS for providing this site. I don’t know what I’d do w/o it anymore.