Official DC Book Club: Batman Day Edition!

King has been a bit vague about what his run would have looked like if he’d had the 15 more issues (or 20, depending on if he was able to get the make up issues for the fill in writing that happened during his run as was his stated intent). It SOUNDS like he was just going to do some more case of the week arcs, rather than making City of Bane longer, but that could be a disguise to his real feelings of disappointment/frustration.


This week’s discussion questions have been posted!


My answers for Week 1!

  1. I think it definitely establishes that this is a very, very different Batman. It definitely seems a lot more menacing than most of the other Batman suits (which makes sense considering the character and how he operates), while still recognizably Batman.
  2. He seems to mostly be motivated by revenge, and punishing criminals for what happened to his family. Even though Bruce does focus on vengeance too much sometimes, he usually is at least trying to protect others and make things better.
  3. I think this monologue does a good job of highlighting the differences between Batman and his villains. Even though Batman is sometimes portrayed as causing more arm than good, and not much better than his villains, but moments like this are good to show that he is.
  4. I think he’s referring to Bruce, and him being called “false” is just part of Bane and Thomas’s attempt to establish themselves as legitimate and the “true” rulers/protectors of Gotham.
  5. I think it’s interesting seeing these characters in a different role. I’m guessing they’re doing this because of Psycho Pirate’s influence on them, but I was a little confused about what he did that let to them basically being GCPD employees.


  • What did you think of Joker’s little intro story?

A fun one. A nice look a the bat joker dynamic after all they’ve been through throughout the year.

  • Why do you think Batman is so susceptible to the Psycho Pirate’s psychological attacks?

Because he himself is psychologically unstable. The trauma he carries and buries at times is prime pickings for Medusa’s mask to take.

  • What role do you think forgiveness plays in this story?

I think it’s plays the part in forgiving yourself. We make mistakes and done may not even be our fault but we carry them with us when in the end you can forgive yourself and do better. Learn grow and even as fit help of you need.

  • On page 25, Edward talks about why he continues to battle Batman. What do you think is Riddler’s motivation here?

He dies because he’s alone. He lives with the ego and mindset that no one is equal to him. Batman is the only one who comes close so he does it to not be alone.

  • How do you feel about the story progression jumping so much? Do you like the “meanwhile…” approach to building an overarching story?

It’s not bad. I think it fits well in a comic format but I feel fits even better for looser connected tie ins as a posed to main story. But I’m always more of a linear story person but don’t hate short collection from time to time.

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Week 2

  1. I think it’s fun. Personally, I prefer when Joker doesn’t care who’s under the mask, but watching Batman outsmart a foe without moving a muscle is fun for a short.
  2. Bruce uses his trauma to fuel his crusade. I think it’s like a “that’s my secret, cap… I’m always sad” situation. PP can easily bring up that emotion, but doesn’t account for it inspiring him.
  3. Assuming this question refers to He Helps Us, I think this story is about moving on from your past and not letting it (or the avoidance of it) consume your present. The first step to moving on id forgiveness, whether you’re forgiving yourself or others.
  4. On the last page of the story, Ed used the numbered post-it notes to spell “ALONE”. I’ve always thought that, while he’ll never admit to Batman being smarter than him, Ed sees Batman as a kindred intellectual spirit of some kind, and this is his way of reaching out to him.

Finding “ALONE” on page 25 wasn’t too difficult, so if anyone thinks they found more complex clues/riddles throughout this story, I’d love to hear about them

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  1. I enjoyed it! It’s simple but effective and fun. You don’t really need to know a ton of backstory or where this fits into continuity to enjoy it, and it does a good job of showing how Batman gets the better of Joker.
  2. I think it’s because his entire character and career is defined by emotional trauma, so there’s a lot there for Psycho Pirate to work with.
  3. I think the people Psycho Pirate was “helping” needed to learn to forgive others or themselves, rather than just having their emotions manipulated.
  4. I think he’s wanting attention, and to feel smart and validated since he’s been rejected by people throughout his life.
  5. I enjoy it, since you can read each story separately without needing to know how and where it fits in with the rest. I would’ve maybe liked a little more indication about when each story was happening, and how it fit in with the larger City of Bane storyline.
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