Official Batman Movie Discussion Thread! (Spoilers!)

That’s what Gotham the show was supposed to be, LOL.


News that’s a couple of weeks old at this point, but still noteworthy…

Colin Farrell is currently on the awards circuit touting his Venice-winning performance in “The Banshees of Inisherin,” but next up for the actor is a project of upmost importance to fans: HBO Max’s “The Penguin.” The sequel series to Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” will start filming in early 2023. Farrell recently confirmed to Extra that the show picks up about a week after the events of “The Batman,” in which Riddler sent a massive flood into Gotham City.

“It starts about a week after ‘The Batman’ ends,” Farrell said. “So, Gotham is still, somewhat, underwater. I read the first script of the first episode and it opens up on my feet splashing through the water in Falcone’s office. Even that alone, when I read it, I was like, ‘Oh, Jesus!’

Some may have wondered whether it was going to maybe be a prequel series or something.

Nope, it’s going to be picking up about a week after the ending of The Batman.

“It’s lovely. It’s so well-written,” Farrell added. “Lauren LeFranc has done such an extraordinary job, and she’s writing the whole thing and show-running. She is formidable. It’s just an exciting prospect. I love that character. I was greedy with it. I felt like I didn’t have enough. I wanted to do it more and more and more.”

“I read the first episode, which is just so tasty and so unusual as the character was on the page and what Matt Reeves kind of envisioned when he was thinking of this iteration of the bang up of Oz,” Farrell told Collider in a separate interview. “So yeah, it’ll be, I think six or eight hours. I’m supposed to read episode two and three within the next week.”

Anyway, so I guess instead of wondering what happened the next day with everyone other than Bruce and Selina, or the next week or whatever, we’ll get to see what happened that next week.

I guess if they ever did that Catwoman series that Matt Reeves said that they talked about, they could pick up that too soon after the ending of the movie.




I’d still rather have the Gotham City Police Department show…




Matt Reeves is currently working on a third The Batman spinoff alongside The Penguin and the untitled Arkham Asylum series, according to a new report.

Variety’s senior TV writer Joe Otterson recently cited an unnamed source close to Reeves who claims the director is developing a trio of projects set in the same universe as his 2022 Bat-blockbuster. Otterson’s source alleges that the Arkham Asylum show didn’t replace the previously announced Gotham City Police Department-focused spinoff. Instead, both productions are supposedly moving forward in parallel alongside The Penguin, which will see Colin Farrell reprise the Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot role he played in The Batman. That said, neither Warner Bros. nor HBO Max has officially confirmed that the GCPD spinoff is still going ahead, which means this report should be taken with a grain of salt for now.

UPDATE: Although Reeves previously said the Gotham PD show had “kind of evolved” into the Arkham show, an individual w/ knowledge of the situation now says the two are separate projects and the GCPD show remains in development.

So maybe… :smiling_face:


I know.

Unfortunately, all rumor


WB is putting it in the Oscars list for many awards! I def think it will win best makeup.
I can’t believe that was Colin Farrell under all those prosthetics!


Heck of a prosthetics job


The Penguin (working title) news…

Made for Love star Cristin Milioti is returning to HBO Max as the female lead opposite Colin Farrell in the DC original limited drama series The Penguin (working title), a spinoff of Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

The series expands upon the world Reeves has created for Warner Bros Pictures’ blockbuster and centers on the character played by Farrell in the film.

Milioti will play Sofia Falcone, daughter of Carmine Falcone, who was played by John Turturro in the film. Sofia is fighting with The Penguin (Farrell) for control of the city.

Variety too…

Cristin Milioti is joining Colin Farrell in “The Batman” spinoff series centered on The Penguin at HBO Max, Variety has learned.

Exact plot details for the series, which is currently titled “The Penguin,” are under wraps. It is believed to take place in the immediate aftermath of the events of “The Batman.” Farrell will reprise the role of the infamous Batman villain, whom he played in the film.

Milioti will star as Sofia Falcone, the daughter of Gotham mob boss Carmine Falcone. John Turturro played Carmine in “The Batman,” with The Penguin serving as his right-hand man.

Good stuff.

Basic stuff, but good stuff.

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A random thought on The Batman tie-ins and spin-offs…

I just read a THE RIDDLER: YEAR ONE review:

If you were a fan of The Batman, you want to read Riddler: Year One #1. It’s written by Riddler actor Paul Dano, who has plenty of writing chops, and artist Stevan Subic was handpicked by him for this project, so we’re in good hands. Dano and artist Stevan Subic explore the life of Edward Nashton and his transformation into a supervillain. It sounds like a great idea, but it is difficult to pull off, given high expectations and readers already establishing what they think they know about the character.

Entering Riddler: Year One #1 with the highest of expectations, Dano and Subic blew me away. This story is, first and foremost, visually stunning, with a style that’s entirely different than the usual superhero fare. Subic draws and colors the pages, taking on an up close and personal feel. We’re inches from Edward’s face at the start, or extremely close up on his hands working. The art is claustrophobic and uncomfortably close to its objects.

The feeling you get from the visual choices are not unlike what Edward goes through, as he’s isolated, awkward with others, and lacks confidence. There are also nightmare visages as Edward’s thoughts turn dark and twisted. This man is not well. There are so many great panels and pages here I could spend the entire review on it.

Color choices create an antiseptic feel in Edward’s office, with colors splashing across city buildings in purple and pink as if to show Edward’s thoughts are wilder and crazed when not at work. This man is very ordinary and has an ordinary job, but you can see his thoughts and how he sees the world are what kickstart a journey into even darker thoughts and manipulation of others.

This first issue delivers in some big ways, connecting the dots from the movie. That’s surprising, as other tie-in comics like this tend to hold back entirely so it doesn’t bleed into the source material. The diner, for instance, is a location visited in this issue. There’s also the first time Edward sees Batman up close, and it’s very well done. Batman is like a force that swoops in and deeply affects Edward. Dano even gives Batman a bit of dialogue which in many ways recontextualizes Riddler.

Recontextualizing and developing Riddler is ultimately a big reason why this book works. It’s not held back by any means, as Dano explores Edward as a man who is misunderstood and needs help. The problem is, in an unwelcoming place like Gotham, a person like Edward doesn’t get better but gets worse. Dano and Subic get inside this character very well while also keeping him a bit creepy and at a distance. One effective way of doing this is using his glasses, as his eyes tend not to shine, creating a mask-like effect. After the first issue, you’ll already be thinking about the film in a new way, from the dialogue by Riddler to what Gotham was like prior to the film.

As someone who went in unsure and maybe even skeptical, Riddler: Year One #1 blew me away. It’s not only a well-crafted and drawn comic, but a piece of art as it explores Riddler’s unique and unsettling psychology as a human being. This comic stands alone as compelling because of that, while also building upon what we know from The Batman film. Complex, compelling, and deeply absorbing, Riddler: Year One #1 is a must-read for cinephiles and comic book fans.

I’ll read THE RIDDLER: YEAR ONE when it comes to ULTRA next month.

But yeah, this is how you do it when you do tie-ins. You actually put in the effort and do it right; you don’t half-do it like tie-ins usually do.

The Penguin (working title) sounds like it’s going to be about 6 or 8 episodes.

Great. Maybe also do a couple of one-shot comics too. Maybe do something for Sofia Falcone.

Sofia Falcone and Selina Kyle are related, Carmine Falcone’s their father. Maybe there’s a story there.

In lieu of a Selina Catwoman streaming mini series, if they decide not to go with one, do it in a comic. And do it with care like it looks as though the Riddler comic is getting.

Mattson Tomlin is the co-writer for the next The Batman, he also wrote the excellent BATMAN: THE IMPOSTER…

My favorite Batman comic, and the perfect Batman comic to me.

Maybe have him handle a tie-in comic for The Batman sequel.

Anyway, more good stuff, Warner Bros. and DC. This is how you do it. Good movie. Good TV tie-ins. And good comic tie-ins.

More please, yes.

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I hope she puts on weight for the role, but I doubt it. Not to be a sexist tool but most women are not going to go for that. I recall in the original Pet Semetary they had to cast a male for the role of the sister, Zelda, who looks like a corpse. For the director even stated no female wanted to ‘look ugly’.
If they don’t oh well, I can move on, but it would be cool. I just also hope this brings in her sister…Selina. I want more Catwoman, this is my favorite to date!

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Penguin Bat-stuff…

And nothing dramatic, just mildly interesting stuff…

One of the main priorities for HBO Max head of originals Sarah Aubrey is going full force on utilizing Warner Bros. Discovery IP in programming decisions at the streamer. She’s already done it with hits like “Peacemaker” and “And Just Like That,” and she’s exploring further with the upcoming “The Penguin,” “Dune: The Sisterhood” and the still-in-the-works “It: Welcome to Derry.”

During a recent interview with Variety, Aubrey teased details about each of these titles, while also giving context on some of Warner Bros. Discovery’s most important partnerships, including pacts with prolific producers J.J. Abrams and Greg Berlanti, and the future of the DC Universe content under James Gunn and Peter Safran, whom she has worked closely with on “Peacemaker.”

How “The Penguin” will fit into DC’s “The Batman” world:

“‘Penguin’ will sit immediately after the end of ‘The Batman’ and temporally before the events of the second movie. The show will come out in between the two movies. Now beyond that, it’s fun for the audience to know that it will be a bridge between the two, but the actual release date, I’m not at liberty to say.”

“The goal of this is to show what Oz’s life is like and that’s very much in the streets of Gotham, trying to get up and over as only the Penguin can. As a hustler and a strategist with his own ambitions. It is a great example of having the time over eight episodes to tell a longer-arc character story with a lot of delicious twists and turns and new characters. It’s very much going to be about Gotham at that street level, because he’s not flying around like Batman does. We are all embracing that as a very specific experience for audiences to have.”

Very good.

A quick aside, this Sarah Aubrey is working on a lot of things that I’m looking forward to:

The Penguin show, the Dune Sisterhood show. The It prequel show; and I guess I’ll finally get around to watching the movies now. And the reworked John Stewart/Green Lantern show, if it’s still going to happen.

Anyway, I saw that it was rumored that one of the movie influences for the second The Batman movie is Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York.

So The Penguin show is going to “show what Oz’s life is like and that’s very much in the streets of Gotham,” and “sit immediately after the end of ‘The Batman’ and temporally before the events of the second movie.” And Sofia Falcone is supposedly fighting with The Penguin for the control of Gotham City…

So there you go: Gangs of Gotham City.

The Batman: Gangs of Gotham City. :smiling_face:

I’m sure they wouldn’t be that on the nose with the title though.

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I think there may have been some inspiration taken from The Long Halloween. Not in the plot, obviously, but in the tone and the focus on Gotham’s crime families. Or maybe it’s because both the book and the movie lifted heavily from Scorsese and The godfather


I got The Art of Batman book, great read.


Wish they could at least give the month

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I’ve spent a lot of time writing this. Beware, it gets political. Both critics on the Right and Left take issue with the movie overall, especially with Jayme Lawson’s role as Bella Reál. Here, I wrote in how they are both wrong and basically off their rockers.

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What was the point of “Another note - this is five years after the election of New York City’s first African-American mayor - David Denkins. Do enough research, and you will find numerous black males elected to public office before Batman Forever.”?

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To further note this is not just some ‘woke’ trend or forced diversity for the sake of diversity.

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