Official Batman Movie Discussion Thread! (Spoilers!)

A new breed of villain has taken on Gotham City. As the mystery unravels, the stakes have never been higher…will vengeance be delivered?

The Batman launches in theaters this week, and there’s no better place to celebrate its release than right here with the DC Community! Jump in this thread every week to discuss the film, and share your thoughts with other passionate Bat-fans! Please note that this thread will contain spoilers, so be sure to watch the movie before diving into this discussion thread! Here are some discussion points to get the conversations started:

  • Which comics do you think inspired The Batman the most?
  • How do you feel about this new take on The Riddler’s aesthetic and methods?
  • How does Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman change your view of the character, if at all?
  • Any thoughts on the new version of Batman’s suit? What about his Batmobile?
  • How do you feel about the score/composition of the film’s music?
  • What do you think about the variant book covers inspired by The Batman? Are you planning on picking them up?

Enjoy the movie, and see you in the thread to discuss The Batman!


I went to an imax screening and can’t wait to take my niece to see it again.

The theater I went to have it this special issue of Long Halloween.


Glad you enjoyed it! I think it’s in my top 3 favorite Batman movies of all time. Who was your favorite character in the movie?


The cast was so good. I really enjoyed Riddler’s origin in this. I had no doubt Robert would be good as Batman. My friends are like the Twilight guy? Told them to give him a chance.


Pattinson has suuuuch range in his films. The Lighthouse and Good Time are two movies in which he’s remarkable, definitely recommend!

I really enjoyed his portrayal of Batman, particularly as it’s his second year of donning the cowl–I thought he brought out the young, angry, vengeful side of Bruce in a very genuine way.


Oh for sure. I think i loved hearing his footsteps in the dark and when he emerges. It gives the criminals that fear. Very good use of the sound in the film.


OK, I just got out of this movie and I loved it!

I have a million thoughts, but the big ones are that I thought Pattinson did a great job! Honestly, the whole cast did.

Going in, I was a bit nervous about the balancing act between all of the main characters but it all worked really well. I don’t think anyone got less time than anyone else or felt less important. Everyone’s story ties into the main plotline.

I’ll wait for some of my other thoughts until more people have seen it. But right now this is easily one of my favorite Batman movies.


So glad you liked it! I think it’s one of mine as well–lookin’ forward to hearing your thoughts!


This was just as incredible as I had hoped! After a bit of a slow start, this really hooked me in fully w/ a gripping mystery and awesome action. I loved how it directly incorporated certain aspects of classic stories from the comics and twisted them in new ways that fit this particular world. I don’t quite think this is gonna be my favorite Batman movie ever, but it’s definitely up there and has already left quite a unique impact

Just as I figured, Pattinson made for an excellent Batman. I do think he was better as Bats than as Bruce, but he still very effectively portrayed a deeply tortured man who became even more broken w/ the revelations of his family history and what Thomas had done to keep those secrets from getting out. As he talked about in the final narration, it make it all the more triumphant to see him start to rise above that trauma and become a symbol of hope for Gotham at its most desperate time

I’d say the real show-stealers here were Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin – no surprise that it ended up being the rogues. Zoe Kravitz was incredible at portraying Selina’s effortless sense of cool while also balancing her emotional journey of wanting to get revenge on Falcone for Annika. And having a version where she’s confirmed to be Falcone’s daughter? So awesome

Riddler was just as menacing as he seemed in the trailers, both in costume and out. As twisted as he was, his desire to eliminate the corruption in Gotham definitely made him a really effective villain, as it became obvious that drastic measures would really need to be taken to root out everyone abusing the Renewal fund. I especially loved the reveal that he felt there was this unspoken partnership between him and Batman, as it painted his actions in a different light, and seeing his breakdown over being rejected by Bruce was equal parts compelling and terrifying

And out of everyone who had significant screentime in this movie, I suspect Colin Farrell had the most fun of all of them. He clearly had a blast playing Penguin and it really showed, injecting the right amount of fun. And while I know this has been said endlessly, I just have to praise the makeup/prosthetics work again. As much as the term “unrecognizable” gets thrown around when actors get a somewhat different look for a role even though you can still recognize them relatively easily, it was amazing to see that description actually be accurate for once. It all made me look forward to his HBO Max spinoff series even more

And I guess it wasn’t really that much of a surprise that after all the rumors, Barry Keoghan’s cameo did end up being Joker! I know they’re already planning more movies, so this certainly won’t be all we see of him. Considering that Phoenix’s Joker is operating independently of Batman and Leto’s Joker barely got any interaction w/ Batfleck (not that he’ll even get another chance in the role), I’m really looking forward to seeing a good old-fashioned Batman/Joker rivalry play out on the big screen again, hopefully over multiple films this time

One gripe I did have is that some of the characters, mainly Bruce and Gordon, seemed to rely a bit too much on this whispery, gravely voice. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely warranted in plenty of situations, but I noticed that it seemed to be how they talked for the majority of the film. I do wish there were a few more scenes where they spoke at least a little louder so they could better emote, but it’s also not like it ruined anything for me. Oh, and the post-credit “scene” was totally pointless. We didn’t need a sequel tease or anything else that big, but if there was gonna be something, it should’ve at least been more entertaining than just a literal goodbye


Hi all! Just saw it last night.

Overall vibe was great!

Opening scene of Batman and Gotham was just the perfect way to introduce Batman. I dug the outfit, gadgets and whole being new at it still and not everything working as expected.

I really enjoying them leaning into him being a detective and that made for t being a favorite Batman of mine now.

The whole batmobile scene was Amazing! I enjoyed the buildup of seeing it in the shadows to the actual chase and just the amount of work the stunt team and visual effects to make it look so good along with overall sound design during that was on point!

Selena Kyle was amazing and looked great and was really independent.

The riddler take was unique and different and can see it being more grounded and maybe goes through a costume change later on but definitely a zodiac killer vibe with limited resources.

The city design was exactly what this Gotham needed along with the little backstory and history of the Wayne family.

A+++ overall!


I thought it was good. Reeves did a great job setting up his vision of Gotham. I really liked the intro where we see criminals being frightened by just the bat-signal. It was a cool Batman trope, but you also are given the distinct impression of the economic/social disparity that exists in this version of Gotham. You see that a lot of this crime is perpetrated because of this disparity. What this scene really signals is, in essence, Batman has become part of the police state within Gotham. He’s not really solving Gotham’s problems so much as he’s become another blunt instrument to punish those who step out of line. This was really well done and stayed consistent throughout the movie.

I also really thought the Batman/Riddler dynamic was the true strength to this film. We have a Bruce Wayne who is so driven by his own pain and anger that he becomes “vengeance” as Batman to vent that frustration. He comes up against The Riddler who is so driven by his own pain and anger that he becomes “vengeance” by murdering the corrupt elite. This makes Riddler a true black mirror for Bruce and makes him realize that point I made above that he is really not helping solve much of anything.

There was also a lot of good plot building where I could logically surmise things without having to be told. For instance, I knew Falcone killed Selina’s mother before it was said out loud because, in the scene where Selina plays Annika’s phone recording, Gordon makes the point to say that Falcone is strangling her. And how did Selina’s mother die? I also knew how Riddler got onto the Gotham conspiracy when I heard that he was a forensic accountant. It’s good when your plot points have strong backing like that.

All that being said, it wasn’t perfect by any stretch. This film had tonal imbalances that made me hesitant to buy-in all the way. When it started, the tone had this grim, realistic vibe much like Nolan’s films or serial killer movies. As the story went on, there were many elements that undercut this completely. The first was Colin Farrell’s performance as Penguin. I’m sorry, I know that it’s popular but it was too over-the-top for the initial tone of this movie. It felt like he was doing a Robert De Niro in Goodfellas impersonation the whole time and it took me out of things. The killer for me was the third act of the movie where Riddler floods Gotham and has sent social media henchmen out to commit violence. This completely undercut the first two-thirds of the serial killer picture they were making. It was like I was watching Seven and then it suddenly turned into Batman Returns at the very end. I love both movies, but they are very different.

I was a little let down that the whole serial killer/conspiracy in Gotham angle didn’t have anything juicier at the end of it. I knew who “the rat” in the movie was as soon as they started talking about them. Of course it was Falcone. Anyone who has read Year One or Long Halloween should have seen that coming. It makes sense in movie and in Batman lore, but it wasn’t the juicy twist I was hoping for out of a serial killer plot.

There were other minor things that I wasn’t sold on.
I had a hard time buying into the Batman/Selina romance because it seemed to come out of nowhere. It was easy to let pass because Pattinson and Kravitz had chemistry and it is the Bat and the Cat. However, there wasn’t sufficient build to it in the movie, so I said to myself: “Alright, I guess they’re just into each other now…” I’m also not sure why they threw dirt on the Waynes only to have Alfred completely undercut said dirt a couple scenes later. If you were going to do it, why not run with it? This is not a deal breaker, but I also didn’t like them changing Martha’s maiden name to Arkham… I mean, it’s Kane. C’mon…

Overall it was solid. I liked the visuals and soundtrack. I definitely bought into Pattinson’s Batman. The themes and message of this movie were solid. But, the tonal imbalance really threw me and I don’t think this movie needed almost 3 hours to say what it needed to say. It gets a B from Moth.


Best Batman movie yet. Really good! I cannot wait to see it again.


To anyone who’s seen it, how was Falcone pronounced?

“Fal-cone” or “Fal-co-nee”?

tugs, Captain Picard-style, on his “Team Fal-cone for over 20 years” t-shirt


The Long Holloween and Batman Earth One graphic novel, a bit of Year one, The song ironman by black sabbath. It also had but a lot of easter eggs from other books.

A psychotic mix of earth one, mainstream, loved that they went with Edward Nashtion (likely misspelled that) instead of Endward Nigma. with a bit of the batman.

I have a love-hate relationship with the most film batsuits as in the movies they are always hard armor well in most comics and cartoons he wears a soft armor fabric like kevlar he wears soft kevlar armor with just enough armor to protect his vitals. however i like that the suit actually does have just enough to cover his vitals despite being hard armor, and has utlitity to it. well its not the B: TAS batmobile i did love the batmobile. i liked that it was not ultra sleek (yet) as bruce built it himself like his suit.

I enjoyed it. will have to pick it up.

No i buy digital so i will not be picking them up.

I loved the easter eggs, from hush to…black canary Selina in the blond wig, black leather top, and black pants was basically fellow Gotham hero Black Canary and a nod to B: TAS. There is also a B: DNK inspired scene.


That’d be “Fal-cone”


I liked it but haven’t decided how much. I’m going to spoiler blur all of this because I’m too lazy to separate it out.

What I liked: the introduction of Batman and the scenes of criminals looking into the shadows. An intelligible Bat-voice. The voiceover itself worked well as a tool. Kravitz was good as Selina and I would like to see her more. I think this type of version of Catwoman works as a consistent supporting character as opposed to one and done. The Batmobile had a great intro. Gordon was good. Nice to see gadgets and detective work. Fight scenes weren’t spectacular but fit the tone. The score is great but maybe the main theme is overused. I’m interested to see the potential world building on HBO Max but I’m not holding my breath for WB to actually get it’s $—t together and make it work.
What I didn’t like as much, but I’m not hating on: Bruce needs some work. It’s understandable in the context of this story but I hope they flesh him out more. Again, it works story wise but the Bruce/Alfred hospital scene should have been moving but it fell flat for me. Bruce just came across as drowsy instead of moody. Not a “it ruined the movie” criticism but it’s a little silly that the police don’t think to stake out the Batsignal given how obvious it would be. He breaks out of GCPD and then just answers the signal like they couldn’t follow the light. I think Falcone should have been kept alive. I get Riddler’s misconception that he was working with Batman but Batman wasn’t needed to get Falcone. It kind of came across like Riddler needed Batman to find Falcone for him when he showed up in public regularly. I wish Selina stuck around. The Martha Arkham retcon seemed unnecessary. If the dead reporter’s name being Elliott was a nod to Hush I think that’s an unnecessary change as well because Tommy’s origin is already fine. If it’s not related then I feel like just use a different name.


I saw it last night and I LOVED IT!!! Still need some time to marinate and hopefully see it again, but this could be my favorite Batman movie. I felt like they did such a great job at world-building for this Gotham, and it wasn’t necessarily about “who is the best Batman” for me. The whole tone of the movie was exactly what I wanted out of it. It was so spooky and beautifully shot. The cast was incredible, I LOVED Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle and I even forgot that it was Colin Farrell under all that Penguin makeup. Everyone and everything felt so grounded and it really made me excited for the HBO Max stuff we’re getting :crossed_fingers:t2:. I do hope we see Matt Reeves do more Batman stories because as I was watching I was thinking about how cool it would be to see his take on Mr. Freeze. I would’ve kept watching for days and days if I could.

I will say that I feel like we didn’t get enough time fleshing out Bruce as Bruce, I wish there had been more time spent with him. Pretty much every time he showed up as Bruce Wayne, it was just people talking at him and him not saying anything. Maybe a little too mysterious.

Agreed with @TheCosmicMoth about the Batman/Selina romance, it felt like it came out of nowhere. Their chemistry was really good, but they didn’t build up to it. I know that their relationship is a selling point for a lot of people, but as a lesbian I really do not care about Batman’s romances haha. I’m just here for the story and the vibes (unless you want to get into a discussion about the gay subtext of Batman, then I’m all in). But by the end of it when they go their separate ways on their motorcycles I was like sure I can get behind this.

Was anyone else thrown off by the kid in the opening scene with the face-paint gang being Tim Drake from Titans? I kept thinking maybe they’d bring him back around, even though I know they’re not tying this in with the DCEU haha.

Anyways, can’t stop thinking about this movie. And that first Riddler scene wow. I’m obsessed with how dark and spooky they made Batman too, the shadows and lighting were so well done. Reminded me a lot of the Rogue One movie when Darth Vader zapped on his lightsaber from the shadows.

ALSO THE SCORE!! Wow so many good things about this movie. Definitely worth the wait. I can’t wait to see it again.


Welcome to the community @wpcurtis.1113 and @IssacBrown!!


I watched the movie last night and I really enjoyed it. Best Batman suit yet and I also think Pattinson did the best voice for Batman. On that note I felt like Alfred could have been better and I didn’t really like all the language. Still I’m giving this movie a 8/10.


While watching it my friend and I both thought there was going to be a reveal that Riddler was actually the son of Edward Elliot the reporter who was killed and was seeking revenge for becoming an orphan as a result.