Official Aquaman Reaction Thread *Warning: Spoilers!*

For those of you lucky enough to see an early screening of Aquaman, we’ve got your splash-zone covered! Feel free to share all your reactions, thoughts, and theories in spoiler-iffic splendor in the comments below! :ocean::ocean::ocean:


Great movie, nice with a DM song in the soundtrack.

My one heavy complaint: Is there only one Aquaman story? It feels like every time I read an Aquaman based comic or watch a movie, it’s a version of the same story. I made a bingo row before entering the theater and hit every point:
Fight for throne - check
Black Manta vengeance - check
Macguffin that can control really powerful sea monsters - check
The Trench - check
Conflict with surface world - check
Tsunami - check

The only thing missing was war with humans and that’s just a sequel waiting to happen.

It’s a good story, but I have already heard versions of it thrice in recent times. I feel like there must be more Aquaman stories waiting to be told.

I am a DC lover at heart, but I saw into the spiderverse the hour before Aquaman, and that movie truth be told was much better crafted.

My movie night:
Into the Spiderverse 10/10
Aquaman 8/10

What was good:
Realizing Atlantis on screen - Magnificent

What needs a bit more work:
New fresh ideas
Occasionally acting


@Coville, I kind of love the idea of superhero bingo cards. I just might go into the next season of Game of Thrones with one…:thinking:


Did anyone else notice an inconsistency when Arthur talks about not knowing how his powers work, yet in Justice League said the water does the talking?

When Peter David took the reins, he rewrote some of the mythology, and added a whole lot more. Since then, DCs kept to a single mythology.

Personally, I wished the movie went more into the Atlantis Chronicles. But then, it wouldn’t really be an Aquaman movie.

Overall, it was a great movie!

Aquaman proves Snyder was the problem with the DCEU. Aquaman was a breath of fresh air compared to BvS or even Justice League. This movie was funny without being too funny. It did not take it self too seriously. But there was drama and action. The soundtrack was great. Overall just a great movie. I can’t wait to see it again!

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I loved it!!!

My main complaints were some music used were rather questionable, the movie could have worked if it was shorter or cut off some scenes and some jokes didn’t worked that well.

But that didn’t stop me from enjoying it. I thought everything else were amazing!!! I was sooo hype for this movie and I wasn’t disappointed.

Looking for to Shazam now!!! Just say the word.


Visuals and action scenes were incredible. It’s a long, but great movie!


Good thing for me I like long movies.


I loved it! It was a fun, globe trotting adventure. I wondered where it would fit in continuity wise, but the stunningly beautiful Mera addressed that. Atlantis and all we see of it was stunning!

I’d like to see it at least two more times. Minimum.

It’s probably my favorite Julie Andrews movie too.


My one big complaint. How did they get out of the desert?


Did anyone’s showing have trailers other than The Lego Movie 2 and the current one for Shazam? I assume they’re all the same for a sneak preview but I was curious anyway.

Mine had two Amazon ads, an introduction from Wan, Heard, Wilson and Mamoa and then the above mentioned trailers.


oh my lanta i loved the movie.

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@vroom mine had same commercials


Did anyone catch Stephen Shin on GBS? I think that was the station Clark worked at in the 70’s when he was on TV.


This movie was INCREDIBLE!! From start to finish, it kept me right at the edge of my seat! Black Manta was awesome! The underwater visuals did have an Avatar feel to them but they were great! I’m glad I got to see it early!


I loved it, and I didn’t really expect too. First off I must confess to never reading any Aquaman comics, and knowing very little about the character and world. I would even say I previously thought Aquaman was lame, boy did this movie change my mind. Jason Momoa is a Super-Hero! He is to Aquaman what Christopher Reeve was to Superman in the 70’s. This is a swash buckling action adventure movie! I should mention Nicole Kidman, her relationship with Arthur’s father is a lot of the heart of the movie. Amber Heard as Mera is a welcome addition. The soundtrack was awsome, reminded me of Blade Runner 2049. Patrick Wilson is a terrific actor and is more than capable of bringing king Oram “The Ocean Master” to life. Friends I highly recommend seeing this on the biggest screen you can find the visuals are amazing and the world building is on par with The Lord of the Rings.

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10/10 I judge this alongside other origins movies we’ve seen lately, Marvel included

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Aquaman was amazing!!! The visuals were stunning and the story was heartwarming! There were a couple of scenes which brought tears to my eyes like when Arthur got the trident and commanded the sea creatures to stop fighting :’) While Jason Momoa deserves a lot of credit for making Aquaman cool again, it is Amber Heard’s Mera and Nicole Kidman’s Queen Atlanna who really added something special to this film. We had two badass women in one film, and I just loved every moment of it! Wish there was more Mera merch, she’s my new favourite character now!!!


I too thought the music had a Blade Runner feel, in particular anytime you see an establishing shot of Atlantis. Very cool.