OFFICE HOURS VOL II: Ask DC Universe Your Questions Every Tuesday Night!

Yeah so I started Dark Shadows from episode 1 like around Xmas or so. Not sure where I left off, but I fully intend to go back and watch all of it. But I am now finished with season one of The X-Files. Such a tremendous series and holds up incredibly well all these years later.


Hi everyone! I’ve closed the comments for Office Hours to remind everyone that next Tuesday, June 8th, I will be holding a Special Edition Office Hours in the Iceberg Lounge to watch…

Be sure to join us next Tuesday, June 8th over in the Iceberg Lounge!

Questions will re-open immediately afterward, to be answered on Tuesday, June 15th :sunglasses:


Oh hai everyone!

I neglected to notice that the event tonight is a 2-parter because I’m a rebel who follows her own rules.

With that in mind, I have created :sparkles: a poll:sparkles: in tonight’s WAL event to determine the fate of next week’s Office Hours. Be sure to cast your vote and let your voice be heeeard! :heart:

Find the poll deciding next week’s Office Hours fate here! :point_left:

Hope to see you all tonight, even if it’s just for a little bit!


Thanks to everyone who was able to join the Special Edition WAL tonight! We’ll leave the poll up until tomorrow to give folks a chance to chime in :hugs: Have a great night, all!


The results are in!

Next Tuesday, June 15th, we will be enjoying a WAL of PT II of Sailor Moon in the Iceberg Lounge, in the same topic here.

BUT! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the WAL link, and I’ll answer them during the show :slight_smile: