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I’m really happy to see all the positive reactions to Animal Man coming to the service! It sounds like there are little glitches here/there with polls, drafts, and 429s… :eyes:

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Perhaps the monthly “Coming Soon” thread? I guess my question was: why do some series/issues get pre-scheduled and put in the pipeline for future additions (with announcements made ahead of time) and why do some series/issues just kinda… show up, with no announcements anywhere (like Animal Man initially before the What’s New thread was edited today, as well as this and this)? When series and issues are added without announcements, it makes them hard to find, and it could potentially be missed that they’re even on here.




@Applejack hi wonder why theirs a problem with the bookmarks in the bottom with bookmarking one of the topics.


Don’t you mean after “The Batman”?

Why not a natural Red-head?

sure, lets her blend in with the plants in a greenhouse and she can look normal in public

more places to dine-in and getting rid of the masks


jots down note

As Batman said at the end of Batman Begins, “I’ll look into it.”

By the diddily by, does that book have pictures? :wink:


Nopes. I highlighted The Flash as its (and this isn’t spoiler territory, as multiple outlets have reported on this) rumored to re-align certain elements of the DCEU, as well as showcase that every DC movie has taken place in one big, collective cinematic universe, which is why Keaton and Affleck are both playing their respective iterations of Batman in the movie.

If the Flash movie does re-align aspects of the DCEU, as well as the greater DC movie multiverse in general, then like the reboots and/or relaunches in the comics, there’s always the chance of some previously separate elements merging into one unified story/universe.

So…Zoe Kravitz could be the DCEU Catwoman if The Flash somehow merges The Batman into the mainline DCEU continuity. If it doesn’t, that’s cool too, as Elseworlds tales are always fun, and that will just give us another opportunity to see someone else play Catwoman when and if she should debut in the DCEU.


Trader Joe’s kicks ass, doesn’t it? Of course it does, otherwise you wouldn’t shop there. :slight_smile:

IDK about you Chief, but I love to nab me a big 'ol bag of sesame sticks when I’m at The Joes, which has been far longer than I’d care to admit, especially since I have three or four Trader Joe’s within a reasonable drive.

I wasn’t aware TJs carried pizza, so I’m now inclined to visit to see what they look like and if they’ll wet my culinary whistle. Of course, I’ll have to nab a big 'ol bag of sesame sticks too.

Fun Fact: This one time, at band camp Trader Joe’s, I was in the process of nibbling on some sesame sticks in my car (I was parked and listening to NPR) and as I opened the bag, I did my best Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face impression when I said “Open sesame.”.


No. Well at least not my copy. I would think not. If it did, it would probably fall under 18 years and older rule. Since it is just text it falls under first amendment and there is no legal reason why a 6 year old couldnt buy it. The glories of the 1st amendment and the printed word.


I’ve been making my way through this, and it’s fantastic, as usual.

As a Martin Short fan, I was tickled to see TCM honor him. However, the choice of highlighted movies was a bit mystifying:

  • Innerspace
  • Clifford

Now, Innerspace is a solid movie (it was directed by Joe Dante; if he’s made a bad movie, I haven’t seen it) but…Clifford? I mean, really? Over Three Amigos, Captain Ron, Pure Luck, etc, etc?

I remember when Clifford came out. The TV spots made 11 year-old me say “I love Martin Short, but this new movie of his looks stupid.”. Plus, I remember the movie being a financial load in the backyard of it’s respective studio. So…why the spotlight on it now, TCM?

One of my favorite Martin Short movies: Jungle 2 Jungle. Sure, he’s kind of an annoying shrill in it at times, but I’ve always liked that movie. I saw it on an eighth grade field trip, and when that Batman & Robin trailer started, everyone in the theater went nuts with excitement (as did I, albeit in a reserved, quiet fashion).

Also, Leelee Sobieski played Short’s daughter. She and I are the same age, so did I have a crush on her after seeing J2J in '97? You. bet. I. did. Also, her name sounds like “Leeloo”, from The Fifth Element. Jungle 2 Jungle came out in the Spring of '97, so she had a couple months ahead of Leeloo’s debut on May 9th, 1997. In any event, my summer of that fantastic year was spent dreaming of those two lovely ladies…and getting ready for my Freshman year of high school, but really, let’s be honest: I already had my priorities in place, and they weren’t school-based. :slight_smile:


With regards to your taste in music, and in the words of Dr. McCoy from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, “You never cease to amaze me!”.

If you’d like to reply as Spock did in that scene (“Nor I myself.”), please do, because you’ve absolutely earned it, Music Meister. :metal:t2:


Mmmm, probably not. TBT, I wasn’t super-psyched for either show before they debuted. The Nevers caught my four eyes due to it being highlighted on HBO Max and me thinking to myself “Self, that looks neat. Let’s check it out.”, while Jupiter’s Legacy was a rando choice I threw on, due to my appreciation of some of Mark Millar’s previous comic work (Superman Adventures, The Ultimates, etc).

So…given a choice between the two, I’d go with The Nevers first and then Jupiter’s Legacy.


coughDon’t forget about the JLBCcough

****! I need a cherry Hall’s cough drop, followed by a swig of Dimetapp Grape Cough Syrup. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“This amazing visitor from the planet Krypton, the amazing gong smash SUPERMAN!”

Fleischer Studios Superman is badass.


I’m not very familiar, so perhaps this will do:


Well, its not Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (my favorite Disney princess), but…Alice’ll do. Thank you kindly, Music Maestro. :slight_smile: