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During my prime childhood trick and treating years, I alternated between Superman and the Creature from the black lagoon. I wanted to be Tarzan, but for some reason my parents wouldn’t let me wear only my underwear and go trick and treating , when it was below 50 outside.
As an adult dressed up like Highlander or Constantine when I didn’t have a sword a few times. Quick costume, only needed a trench coat.


What about Criterion editions of the Batman quadrilogy?


Criterion editions of any DC title would be most schway.


You got to wear the costume while working? That’s neat.

Were I working at Target in the Fall of 1997 and wearing a costume in the lead-up to Halloween, I would have managed to work around the toy area. Then, when parents and kids came into the action figure aisle, I’d mosey down there, in my rad Batman regalia, and say “These Batman & Robin action figures and related products, by your friends and mine at Kenner, sure are the best thing one can spend their hard-earned toy dollar on, right now.”

Then, once parents and/or kids were looking at those, I’d say “Man, these Total Justice figures, made by the toy gods at Kenner as well, are also worthy of one’s time and money, as is this other fine Kenner line based on TV’s The New Batman Adventures, seen right next to the quality Total Justice product.”

Weeks later, my manager would pull me aside and say “You know, the Kenner rep was in earlier today. They say our sales went up a lot in October, which was right around when employees wore Halloween costumes, and you had that Batman get-up on.”

I’d say “Tell Kenner they’re welcome.”, then ask if I could wear the costume again.

My manager would probably wag a finger, chuckle and say “Oh, you!” then go back to their office, located right above the checkout lanes.

Always remember, kids: Those reflective windows above the checkout area at Target? Offices are on the other side of those. They’re usually for management, HR and the like, but they can also be used by Loss Prevention and other departments, as well.


I myself think it’s a great name, and I’m sure he’s going to like it. Chaney Sr. and Jr. were both awesome!


Hey, @Alec.Holland I thought I would post an oldie but a goodie, Remember the song Unchained Melody, a great doop wop song? What, it wasn’t doo wop? Well, listen to this:



Even theatrical BvS?

would be nice


Sure, BvS could hit the Criterion scene.

It wouldn’t be the first movie that was lacking a better script and edit that had a release under the Criterion label.

Afterall, Criterion has plenty of clunkers under their brand, just like everyone else.


Got a tech Q for you, @Alec.Holland:

Has there been any discussion about enhancing the size and resolution of the following:

  • avatar/profile pictures
  • thumbnail images (specifically, thumbnails used in book club posts; when you see them in the Fan Discussions forum as you’re scrolling through it, they look small and kind of fuzzy)

With regards to the last item, I think a resolution and size upgrade would allow the images we use in our BC posts to be more eye-catching, especially to those outside of the book club circle.

Rather than squint and say “Eh, whatever.” then move along, potential club members/readers might see a nice, crisp thumbnail and say “Hey, that book club has a selection to my liking! I think I’ll check that out.”

How 'bout it, Chief?


Any idea if this is true(found it on FB)?


I don’t think I’ve heard about it…but that doesn’t mean much…I kinda hope it’s true


I know Peacemaker is having his own series, haven’t heard about that one. There will also be a suicide Squad video game as well.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @Alec.Holland,
DC Fandome was alot of fun. Great to see Tiffany Smith again, she’s always a great host for DC.
Anyway there’s so many movies I can’t wait to see like the new The Batman film. I plan to see it on my Birthday!
I was disappointed that I have to wait til 2023 to see Batman Caped Crusader, it’ll be worth a wait I’m sure.
A clip for Stargirl look good, and season 4 of Young Justice is now on HBO Max!
So what was your favorite part about DC Fandome and what are you looking forward too?:grinning:

:dc: Fandome


Greetings Alec.Holland. :st_swamp_thing:

Hope that you have been well, and have another good week. :clark_hv_4:

Time for some business points once again. :face_with_monocle:

Keeping the DC Fandome train of thought going… :dc: :bullettrain_front:

Quite the event in the threads huh? :open_mouth:

I saw a watch-along… Well… Parts of it… As the boards seemed to need a time out for a while. :sweat_smile:

Seems all is well again so the team must have had quite the day… :eyes:

Thanks to the team behind the scene for all their hard work! :sunglasses: :+1:

Well… There is one thing I’ve noticed recently on my computer using Chrome… :fearful:

There seems to be a floating bell when you look at the scroll bar to the right in a thread. :bell:

Next order of business… :spiral_notepad:

Which is the scariest of them all?
  • Angry Superman
  • Possessed Superman
  • Batman
  • Joker
  • The Floronic Man
  • The DC Universe has too many scary things to just pick one

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And… Finally… How about some tunes for the season? :halloween_superman: :halloween_wonderwoman: :halloween_batman:

Also did you read this with your spooky voice? :ghost:

That might be why I had written everything in italics. :superman_hv_4:


My guess is that that’s very likely a fan-made piece of art, especially given the mark on the upper right side that appears to be a signature/mark of some kind.

Some fans like to put the HBO Max branding on their conceptual art so as to make it look official and get people talking about it (which works, given how it’s being discussed here).

There are many “official”-branded trailers on YouTube that have been made to look as if they’re from HBO Max, however they’re fan creations mixed with clickbait to get attention.

If an Ayer Cut was to happen in the near future, it likely would’ve been announced at FanDome, so as to build up fan awareness/interest at a point where many fans are zeroed-in on the brand and awaiting major announcements from it.

But…never say never. A random announcement from HBO Max could happen at any time, theoretically.


I know about those and am interested

Part of the reason I’m asking to see if any mods/admins know anything official


If they do know anything, they’re not going to drop information ahead of any official announcement that would be made through HBO Max proper.

Afterall, they like their jobs. :slight_smile:


Is there some trick to obtaining the “Accessing the Network” badge? I’ve used dcui on two android devices, an iPad, a kindle, a Windows laptop, a Firestick, and a Roku (back when there was a Roku app), but I still haven’t gotten the badge.

I did see this thread about badges, but lest I be accused of thread necromancy, I thought I’d ask here.



Hello @Alec.Holland,
I’m probably going to get banned for asking this, I want the truth and please don’t lie.
I was watching a clip from Fox News…

I have love Superman for so many years for what he stood for, and I want to know from DC Comics, do you guys really hated America?
If not then why remove The American Way from his motto? Superman stood up for American way for over 80 years.
Even Spider-man had a great motto, if Marvel change that famous motto, fans would be angry and upset by it.
I love Superman along with many characters from DC, I’ve alway had postive additude towards them. What’s wrong with American way? For centuries people came here for freedom, during the great depression when Superman first appear, he has represented hope, a hero that kids can look up to with truth, justice and the American way.
Please DC Comic, Jim Lee or anybody, please keep the original Superman’s motto.



I read these two interesting articles yesterday that put things in perspective: