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Hi. Probably not the smartest thing in the world to say something when someone is as angry as you are but here’s what I believe is the situation:

DC community no longer has any influence or connection with dcui, they are two totally separate entities. Jitsu can do nothing about problems with dcui. It’s not in his job description as senior manager of d.c. community job. it’s not part of his goals or service level agreements he has to perform.

On the DCUI site itself, which has no connection with this site, there is a help button and there is a way to contact DCUI, just like you would contact Marvel Unlimited or comixology unlimited if there was a problem on those services.

DC Community promotes the use of dcui as well as watching DC CW TV or DC movies or even DC merchandise, but DC Community has absolutely no influence or way to change CW TV, DC movies, DC merchandise or dcui. This community is simply a site to promote the use of those other sites to point us in those direction, that’s it.

I understand perhaps the reason for the confusion because as of a year ago these were all connected and Applejack would be involved with Dcui and in fact I used to be able to connect my clubs to specific series on what is now dcui. But that is no longer the case.


Hey-hey, Fearless Leader!

You were in Phoenix? :astonished: We should have got together for lunch at Denny’s, we should have!

Oh, well. Maybe if/when the next Fan Event happens, we can grab some nosh at Denny’s, and it can be put on the WB AmEx! :wink:

I’m glad your move has gone well. If you need help moving in, then I’ll quote the opening song of Teen Titans, :notes: “You know who to call!” :notes:

SN: My idea of “moving in” when it comes to helping pals move in involves Super Soakers, helping friends with their move, comical hijinkery and oodles of fun and laughter. :nerd_face:


or at Gordon Ramsay Steak! You’ll pay?


I don’t have the scratch to do a group party at Gordon Ramsay’s.

However, if @Jitsu brought the WB corporate Discover or AmEx card along, then we could all drink and dine to our heart’s content at Gordo’s.


@Jitsu my question for next week’s office hours is…

Will you bring @Vroom and I to Gordon Ramsay Steak. I’ll give you a dollar. Okay fine! I’ll give you 2 dollars!


@Jitsu I’ll give you three dollars*.

*“Dollars” in this case constitutes Xeroxed Monopoly singles, and by “Xeroxed”, I mean rectangular, white, dollar-sized strips of paper that I’ve written “$1 of Monopoly Dough” upon.

Three of those for a steak is a pretty good deal…

Jitsu turns his head side to side to indicate “No sale, chief.”

Well, how about…three Monopoly singles for some Baskin-Robbins, then?

Jitsu taps his left index finger against his chin in thought

Yeah! Ice cream seals the deal.


@Jitsu Mildly annoyed, they did still kind of keep her tech savvy though and the budding relationship between her and Robin


@Jitsu, let me know if you are ever in CT


Great to hear the news on these two. Thank you, @Jitsu!


I posted about the problem here:

I need to download everything I read because I always read offline.


The other things that you stated may be true, but, as he has said, Jitsu does still have contact (and apparently clout) with the DCUI Content Team, which is the entity that controls the issues that are on and get added to DCUI (which is my primary concern).

(My apologies for the triple post; Moderators, if you can and want to, please combine them.)


Wow take a few days of being unplugged and come back to an awesome Q&A session, sorry I missed it. Glad to see the community bring up those points, that we all deal with, and sounds like @Jitsu has some great ideas to update the service after some previous stop and starts. I am looking forward to the next year and seeing how the service grows, I do hope the proposed merger with Discovery doesn’t slow these thigs down and that DC can overcome its logistical and staffing issues related to the pandemic and eventual aftermath.

One thing that might be helpful with ongoing Comic requests, is perhaps a list of properties, creators or comics that won’t be on the site and why, but only if such a list exists, because creating one would take away from more important updates that y’all are working on.
Thanks for bringing back the Q & A’s a big plus for the community.


Is there anything being planned for March Madness??? Should a group of us create an unofficial one like last year???


You weren’t kidding! I just got done watching ‘Podly: The Peacemaker Podcast: Ep. 1 with James Gunn’ and saw that he answered my question! I haven’t stopped smiling since Fiona Nova started reading my question and I’ve already re-watched that three times. I’m so happy to see that our questions will be a part of this show on HBO Max! When that thread got started I expected a written response here on the community forum but to hear my question asked to James Gunn on HBO Max was surreal and so awesome! So, so, so, so pleased right now - truly. Thank you, @Jitsu and everyone that was a part of making this happen! I hope more questions from the community are coming in future episodes but for now I’m going to go watch Podly again!



I’m so glad they pulled your question–it was a good one! Definitely more to come!

You bet!


@Jitsu what do you think of a Peacemaker-Doom Patrol crossover? Good idea or bad idea?


I’m going to say what I’m sure so many of us feel…I miss this woman!


What’s your favorite DC superhero team?

Do you like sports?

Do you prefer digital comics or hard copies?

Do you like comics or superhero shows/movies more?

Besides Batman, who’s your favorite member of Batman Inc.?


Hello @Jitsu,
With The Batman coming out in March, will DC Universe Infinite be doing any tribute due to the movie release? Maybe have a spotlight on The Penguin.:grinning: