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Will @Barrys.Better.Half come back to the community?


Well @Jitsu Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Perhaps my final questions for 2021.

  1. What DC Hero would make the best Santa Claus?
  2. What DC hero based on their 2021 adventures deserves some coal in their stocking?
  3. Which DC villain would make the best Grinch?
  4. Which moderator is more likely to be the first up on Christmas Morning?
  5. What is DCUI’s New Year’s Resolution?
  6. As time travel is a possibility in DCUI, in the event I have additional questions for 2021 DCUI, if I travel back in time and ask, will I get an answer.
    Once again many thanks to all the moderators and hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

No, no, no. You can’t pick Hotel Hell Vacation. I won’t stand for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Answering this on Jitsu’s behalf: We’re still unsure if BBH will be returning or not due to a change in personal circumstances. I’ve spoken to them recently though and can confirm they’re happy and healthy :slight_smile:



Tell them I say hi!



Hey J,

Late-breaking question, but any idea why there are only three archival issues listed for each week of the month of January instead of the typical five? Are we really only getting three a week next month? And if so, why?

Edit: OK, did a little digging, and this does appear to be the case, not a mistake. So, my question then is simply: why?

Also, why are they digitizing New Guardians before digitizing Millennium? New Guardians is a sequel to Millennium, a very important late '80s event series that’s desperately in need of digitization, one that ties into a whole bunch of other issues of on-going series that are already on here. Digitizing New Guardians before Millennium makes no sense. Baffling.


Greetings @Jitsu! :wave:
I hope this finds you well - I have a Q (or 5) for ya, lol! So let’s get right to it:
1)IF they’re not a secret, and you can tell us about your glorious plots & schemes, what are you most looking forward to in 2022 at DCU?
2)Will there be a third annual Madhouse tournament next year?
3):face_with_monocle: What are your thoughts on kitten piles - do you want to sink in and take a nap? Do you secretly wish you were one of the kittens? Which of these fuzzy love muffins feels like it might be your spirit animal? Mines easily :wink: the winker.

Okay—Tag! You’re it! I look forward to hearing from you finally. Have a great week and happy holidays. :purple_heart: Take care.

Ps. Hold up. Wouldn’t be OH if I didn’t drop a song for you while you were responding. Plz enjoy. (:dancer:t2:Typer worthy :white_check_mark:)


It took me forever to post that, btw, because I kept getting prompted w/ this :thinking: “ignore” seemed to do the trick eventually. Was there a recent update?


Hey, @Jitsu I hope your holiday season is going well. I just got mu shopping done and I’ll be heading to my cousin’s Saturday. Here’s a song to keep you in the holiday spirit:


I wont get into detail on this one, BUT I will say…I think next year will be a huge year for DCU and this community. I’d like to have more community activations, new content, and MUCH more…All that is to say, stay tuned! :smirk:

I’m absolutely down for this in 2022! I’ll see what I can do about bringin’ this back…

Yes and yes…I’d like to think I’m the one on the bottom left.

Thanks for this rec! Happy holidaaaaaays!


Thanks for the holiday music vibes! I hope you have a wonderful time with your cousin, and enjoy the holidays! <3


Hmm…good question here. Let me connect with our content team and see what might be the issue here. Stay tuned.


Jk, I’m back! :laughing: #Razzzhasquestions Always.

I’m happy to see DCBC is back! Do you have a schedule in mind going forward?
Based on your time here so far: If you could change only 1 thing about the mechanics of the community, what would it be?
Also, OH lands around dinner time, so I’m often curious: what’s for dinner? :stuck_out_tongue: Have you eaten yet, and if so, did you enjoy it or did it just, like, ‘get the job done’?

:eyes:… still in March?

Thnx! Same to you! :purple_heart: Goodnight OH!


I feel like this answer might be cheap/obvious…but my gut tells me Supes would be an IDEAL Santa. He can deliver gifts incredible speed, and is already a shining beacon of joy and hope. Kinda the perfect fit, no?

Given the recent events in The Suicide Squad movie, I’ll say Peacemaker probably deserves some coal in his stocking. Maybe we’ll see a new side of him in the upcoming show…

Easy: Riddler. Green, mean, likes to steal, kinda hates himself…the comparisons are almost too easy to make.

Gotta hand this one to @Alec.Holland…He’s so on TOP of everything!

If I had to come up with one right now, I would echo something that our beloved AppleJack passed on to me before she departed: creating a 24/7 convention feeling for our community. It’s one of the most important aspects of my job.

This one hurt my head…but I’ll say yes?

Likewise! Thanks for being a wonderful part of this community. Happy holidays! <3


I wasn’t thinking about Riddler, but you are right, he would make a great grinch.


One of the biggest things on my wish list is a safe, smooth, and EASY drive across the country! We start our drive in 2 days, so I’m hoping it’s a smooth adventure.

Other than that, I’ll never say no to a few new Batman or Spawn figures :smirk:


Selfishly, I would love another Batman/Spawn crossover. They’re both broody and angsty–and I LOOOVED the previous crossovers between the two.


I really enjoy the DC X Image Comics crossovers (Spawn/Batman, Batman/Spawn, The Maxx/Batman), but one of the most entertaining crossovers that I can recall was the Lobo/The Mask crossover from 1997. Super 90s vibes!




I wouldn’t want to be an action figure. WAY too much pressure!