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Who did you want to win in DC’s Round Robin earlier this year?


oh yeah…

today’s tuesday, isn’t it?



@Jitsu! The Jits! Jits-a-reeno! Jitsmeister! The Jitsanator! Jits-a-mundi!

Hi, and a Happy 2022, Fearless Leader! :wave:t2: :clark_hv_4:

How did your move go? Did you get into any wacky, cross-country hijinks worthy of song around the 'ol DCUI campfire, or just a nice and easy move? I’m hoping it was a nice, orderly and easy affair.

I don’t have any pressing DCUI queries at the mo, so I’ll just conclude by saying that I hope your move went well, and that your 2022 is going smoothly.

SN: Did you read Dark Knights of Steel #3, yet?

It’s on my desk, but I haven’t yet had time to read it.

Edit: I do have a DCUI-related inquiry after all, Jitsu!

Earlier today (Wednesday, 1/5), I got a notice asking “Do you want to install DC Universe Community on this device?”

I X’ed out of it, since I was already in the community (on Chrome mobile), but it made me wonder:

Is the community going to be a separate thing we can install, and access outside of a standard browser (it’d be really great if the Community functionality was available on the DCUI app, hint-hint :wink:)?

This was the first time I’d seen a notice like the above, so I’d like to get your thoughts on the matter, El Jitsumeister. :superman_hv_4:


Hello @Jitsu,
Over at The DC Animated Club, I’m doing a year of Batman The Animated Series, my question is, what’s your favorite episode? Mine is Joker’s Favor and 2 part episodes of Shadow of the Bats.:grinning:

  • As we approach the one year anniversary of DC Universe Infinite are there any celebrations planned? Anything exciting you can tease us to look for?

  • As we also approach the one year anniversary of the Justice League Funko Pop!s offer that went sideways are there any plans for a similar opportunity (hopefully better organized and policed so that only DCUI members have access) for Limited Edition DC merchandise? For The Peacemaker…or Naomi…or Black Adam…or The Flash…or The Batman…anything? We WANT to buy things and nothing gets our attention more than “Limited Edition” and “Exclusive” merchandise that only we (hopefully) have access to!

  • Is any other DC Universe Infinite exclusive comic in the works? The only one we’ve gotten so far is ‘Let Them Live!: Unpublished Tales from the DC Vault’ and the last new issue of that posted in April.

  • What happened to the Exclusive Sneak Peeks? They started off hot and heavy when DCUI first launched and then tapered off and the last one I see having posted on here was in July. Since then they’ve become “First Looks” which are nothing more than directing us to go to DCComics website to read the preview that is posted for the public. Surely with all that is going on in the DC Universe (comics, movies, shows, toys/merchandise, games, etc) there’s something to give us paying subscribers a peek at at least once a month, right? Are there any plans on bringing those back so that we paying subscribers get a sneak peek at upcoming stuff that the general public does not?

  • What happened to the Live Q&As? These were fairly common for a while and, again, started off great when DCUI first launched but the last one I see having taken place was in May. Are there any plans on bringing those back at any point?

  • We were asked to submit questions for the cast of The Suicide Squad and The Peacemaker. We did…and then what? Did either of them ever happen?
    Submit Your Questions for the Cast of THE SUICIDE SQUAD!
    Calling All Peacemaker Fans!


Hey J,

Any update on:

As you can see, the problems have really been piling up. I’d love to see the solutions start piling just as high.


Will we see the service evolve anymore? We’ve lost video content and have fewer Q and As from talent but have gained more comics in a shorter period of time. Will we see any future substantial changes or improvements to DCUI or has the service hit the sweet spot that leadership is looking for and now it’s about maintenance?


I think a lot of us have similar questions/concerns. I believe a “State of the Union” for DCUI is warranted and I think those of us that have been paying customers for years now deserve some answers and some information on what the plan for this site is and what we can expect in the year(s) to come. To see them abandon so many pillars of what they promised us with zero information on when/if they will ever return is very disappointing and concerning.


And why, to put it bluntly, we’re constantly being told that the Content Team is “aware” of all of the myriad problems plaguing the service, but they no longer seem to be able to actually fix any of them. Particularly the missing and corrupted issues. These days, if an issue doesn’t arrive on its scheduled day, or if it doesn’t work correctly on Android, I just assume that it’s not ever going to show up here or that I’m not ever going to be able to read it. And that’s a pretty sad state of affairs.

I’m sorry to keep harping on this point, but delivering comic issues is literally the one thing that I pay DCUI to do. I expect nothing more, and nothing less. So yes, I am increasingly concerned and frustrated by the service’s recent frequent inability to 100% successfully do the one thing that it’s designed to do.


Hello @Jitsu,
I have an idea for a club, will you guys be accepting a club application soon?


Answering on Jitsu’s behalf as clubs are more my thing: Yes! Some planning needs to be done, but we should be accepting new club submissions towards the end of January :slight_smile:


Great! Thankyou so much @Alec.Holland! :smiley:


Hey KSA–I totally understand that frustration, and I’ll say again that I’m really appreciative you highlight this pain point.

I’ve compiled a list of missing issues, and have given it to our content team. I’m setting up a weekly check in with them, just to make sure we’re on top of it as consistently as possible. As of now, Suicide Squad #2 is up and functional (let me know if that’s not the case for you), and Puzzlebox #13 is also up! Thank you again for rolling with the punches here…with more consistent check-ins and updates, hopefully we can alleviate this frustration.


Not a bad idea! I’ll chat with my team about this, and perhaps we can put something together in the coming weeks.

As far as community activations, events, and some new site features go–I can certainly share info on the direction I’d like to grow this community! We have a lot of exciting programming and content in the works…

A few things I’d like to highlight that might help provide context, however. The first is that we are still in a pretty aggressive global pandemic. This has impacted supply chains, communication between teams, workflow, and many other aspects of how we work here at DC. Despite the fact that we’ve been in this situation for 2ish years, it absolutely still poses a challenge for us in our work. The other thing I want to highlight is the gap between when AppleJack left and when I came on board…it was a pretty lengthy handful of months, which added to the challenges in workflow (and the other things I mentioned previously). I was brought up to speed very quickly, and am doing the absolute best I can to help solve some of your frustrations–but it does take time. Two of the major things I’m doing to help focus on problem solving are:

  1. Establishing a weekly check-in with our content team to prioritize the missing DCUI issues.

  2. Building a new Community strategy for 2022, with focuses on improving user experience of this site, and adding new content & programming to the mix.

Worth mentioning too, we’ve brought back Q&As and the Book Club back since I’ve come on board, and there’s many more in the works! So stay tuned.

With this, I believe we’ll be able to answer more questions, and actually create solutions. If you’re willing to roll with the punches as we set ourselves up for an awesome 2022, I think it’ll be worthwhile for ya!


Yes definitely!

New forms of content (video, and more :wink:) and more of the standards (like Q&As, Watch-Alongs, etc.) are absolutely in the works. Since the beginning of December, I’ve built a pretty beefy plan for this wonderful community in 2022, so there will be a lot getting off the ground in the coming months!

We always want to improve the DCUI experience. This is, without question, a priority for all of us here.


This is confirmed to be up and ready to read! I’ve also confirmed that it works on my Android phone, so let me know if it’s giving you problems.

Same as above! Confirmed up, and read-ready.

Robins #4 is also confirmed–it’s in Latest Releases!

The rest is currently being worked on solving…can you share more info about Batman Noel not working on your Android device? I have an Android phone too, and it seems to be reading just fine on my end.


We might have some fun threads to jump into and discuss what your favorite reads have been so far… :thinking:

All good callouts! I have a few “exclusive” plans in the works for this wonderful community…so for now, I’ll just say stay tuned. There’s so much happening this year, and lots to get excited about.

See above!

This is a great idea! It hadn’t been previously brought to my attention, but I’m definitely going to investigate a bit into what we might be able to do.

They’re still happening! A few are being planned as we speak.

We held one in December, actually (though we called it an AMA)! Stephanie Phillips and Mike Hawthorne shared some really awesome insights into the recently launched Wonder Woman: Evolution! Give it a read if you haven’t already.

As far as the Suicide Squad goes, I’m actually not sure, as that CTA was a good 5ish months before I joined…but for Peacemaker–keep your eyes and ears open! The show comes out in 2 days, so who knows what we might see… :wink:


Oooooh, love this question! It’s hard to pick a favorite above all others, but I REALLY love “See No Evil”. Definitely played on a few big fears of mine as a kid, and I think it’s one of the deeper episodes–really stood out to me!


Happy new year to you as well! Good to see you again!

Oh man, it was wild! I think for the most part, it was really really great! Out of all the cities we stopped in, I really enjoyed Nashville, Albuquerque, and Phoenix. No major hijinks, other than lots and lots of podcasts and roadtrip singalongs! One of my favorite experiences was when we were driving from New Mexico to Arizona. We were driving through some very hot, desert-y landscape–then within 30 minutes, we were at 7,000 feet on a REALLY snowy mountain! It was kind of scary, but it was also one of the most beautiful things. I felt like we were driving between biomes in a video game, hah.

Not yet! Been so busy with the move and settling in, haven’t had time to pick it up. I’ll be grabbing it this week!

Hmm interesting! I’m actually curious as to how/why you got that alert…I’ll chat with the production team and see what might be triggering that. What kinda device do you have?


I was actually pulling for Robins and/or the Lobo option! So I came out with a win regardless :smiley: