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I read the Community Guidelines immediately after 2.0 launched, so it would appear Michael Holt skipped me. For a guy that bills himself as Mister Terrific and a smarty pants, his skip over makes him more of a poopy pants.


goes up to the roof and twiddles his thumbs as Bart’s Comet passes over


Naturally! It’s too good to peel off.

  1. Alien/Predator has been in the comic news lately with Marvel’s acquisitions of the comic rights, so that’ll get the nostalgia gland pumping.

  2. OH HELL YEAH. Batman: Ego is my favorite oneshot Batman comic. Cooke is King.


Come on, it’s gotta be Batgirl done up in the DCU badge style.


Well, I FINALLY made it through tonight’s office hours. Well over 200 (maybe 300) posts and all extremely good. My request for next week, no kitties!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love the little mean balls of fluff, but we need some puppy love. I decree that we need LOTS of Dalmatians (my favorite breed)!!! Also, if you don’t love dogs, you are not my kind of people, so there!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have to ask, since I am a vegetarian, does finding @DeSade-acolyte’s jokes about cooking cats funny mean I am going to the hot place? Will the Devil look like Tom Ellis? Is Lucifer right that you can walk out whenever you want? Because if the answer to any and all of those questions is yes, I am ready to go!!!

Loved the posts this week, and I will be here to join in on the fun next week. Maybe I can keep @Applejack here for 4 hours next week, and if I do, may you all here this over and over:


(Look at that, dear Applejack, I learned a new trick)


To quote Jeffrey Tambor’s character from The Larry Sanders Show: “Hey now!”

As in, “Hey now!”, there can never be too many kitty posts in any one thread in the community, but especially Office Hours.

I’m quite confident that @Razzzcat, @Mae, @ralphsix and @xLOVEandDoomPatrolx (if Ieft any other Office Hours Cat Crew members out, I apologize) will back me up on this one.

With kitten gifs, pictures and/or testimonials about how Kitten Academy is the greatest thing on YouTube, 'natch.

To quote the best Catwoman: “Meow.”


@Applejack, this isn’t DCU-related, but being that we both adore the TV show the below is from…

:notes: “Can I…be…a boozehound?” :notes:

Meanwhile, I’m going to flip through some Monald Muck comics.

goes to tune in the 24/7 Itchy and Scratchy Channel, where their motto is “Itchy and Scratchy, all day, all night, and absolutely NO Poochy!”

Ah! A grand entertainment by which to read.

sees Roy walk by

“Yo, yo! How’s it hanging?”

Yeah, hi Roy.

resumes reading while enjoying a glass of fresh milk

I love Apu, but I will not drink that 1984 milk of his. No way, no how.



You know it’s bad when even @superby1 has stopped his defenses.


And just to be clear in case my posts yesterday portrayed the wrong tone, I’m not at all upset with you, AJ. I know you have no part in the less-than-ideal changes that’ve been happening, and I’m grateful that you take the time to address everyone’s concerns. So thank you.


I am currently dealing with a loss in the family. It has nothing to do with stopping defenses. I have to prioritize my family at the moment.


Condolences to you and your family for your loss.


@Jay_Kay that’s very kind of you. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Very sorry for your loss @superby1, all the best for you and your family. Take care.


Thank you @iJest. I’ll probably put up a post in the VIP section later stating I’ll be off the boards for a bit while my family and I deal. But your kind words mean a lot


My condolences


I’m so sorry to hear that, my condolences to you and to your family @superby1.:confused:


Greeting again @Applejack. I sure hate to sound like I’m beating a dead horse but given the current changes to the service (loss of annual subscription savings/loss of exclusive video content), are there any thoughts of upping the value of the comics section with Vertigo/Black label content?

Also, just for peace of mind, there was a lot of allusions to these changes being done to keep the lights on of DCU. I know you’ve reiterated that you’re not looking for other employment (and that’s great to hear), but it would sure be nice if something more concrete could be stated about the health of this service. I think we’re all aware that changes are coming, and I feel like most reasonable folks will accept that given the state of the world. But regardless of the changes that are coming, could you make a generic statement like "The likelihood of DCU shutting down entirely is (pick one - highly unlikely/unlikely/likely/highly likely). Basically I’m asking for a 0-100% likelihood of this service going away completely but you can’t choose 50% lol!

Also, and I’m sure you can’t provide specific numbers but if DCU is fighting to keep the lights on… how bad is the number of subscribers? I was always under the impression this platform was at or above expectations when it came to number of subscribers


Very sorry to hear, but I also know how words are not enough. Just remember, if you need anything, you have a support system here in the DCU, but it sounds like you and your family are a tight unit, and that is very important at a time like this. Sorry doesn’t seem like enough to say, but sadly it is all we can offer. Very sorry for your loss…


Dear @Applejack,
As always, I hope this finds you well.
Quick Q: If someone were to suspend their membership, would it completely start them over from square one when they re-subscribed? …asking for a friend. Wait. :joy: I know how that sounds, but I am literally asking for a friend—no lie. It randomly came up in conversation and I realized I have NO IDEA and couldn’t find any info at the Help Center, so I thought I’d ask Oracle. :thought_balloon: shes got the burly brain muscles—she always knows. :eyes:
Thank you in advance, Captain.
Have a great week. Take care :purple_heart:

Ps. Just remembered I owe you a game, but I’m only doin’ it if it stays chill in here and you feel like it. :facepunch:t3: And…

I :heart: all the critters. Wish granted, @MovieAddict


Also, I came back to finish reading and saw THIS! :point_down:t3: :eyes:

…it’s NOT on HBOMax?!?



Jeez, now I feel like a jerk for saying that. Very sorry to hear about your family… I would’ve never made such a dumb little post if I’d known that detail. So again, I’m sorry :confused: