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@Don-El asks:

“For Thursday please pass on the word to DC we’re hoping Godzilla will be published by DC and be allowed to be part of the DC Universe for a while!!!”

Hahaha, sure! I’d love that myself.


Hey Applejack! Sorry for jumping in with a question but I was wondering about how DC Universe chooses cities for events. As an example the early Shazam! preview was near me in Tampa, and I was wondering what I could do to make sure Tampa (or Orlando) continues to be included in those types of things! Thanks!


@Nathan.Payson asks:

“Last year, we knew every show coming to DCU by Comic Con. Will we more or less know what 2020 will look like following comic con? Also is the plan still to begin releasing two episodes of two different series a week in 2020?”

That’s a super fair question! I can see why the past would set an expectation for the future, but our announcements are timed by our roadmap, which is measured against our production schedules and our technical/development capabilities, rather than a convention schedule. That being said, please look forward to WonderCon next week, as we have a DC Universe panel scheduled. There are sure to be some interesting conversations that emerge from there!

For your second question, I hadn’t heard that rumor, and I asked around the office about the cadence of two episodes of two different series. We can’t seem to find corroboration for this, and it’s not something we have an understanding of here. But if you have further details or a link to the source, I’m happy to take this to the next level!



The enclopedia could’ be used to help new fans

1 if it is known where to start with the character like Anatomy Lessons for Swamp Thing

Put the titles year and issue number as the first sentence in the encyclopedia

2 some entries in encyclopedia mention only one version of the character

Robin and Batgirl only mention Damien and Barbara.

Again it would be nice to mention the other people

Like Nightwing and Red hood for Robin

And Orphan and Spoiler for Batgirl

In the first sentence

  1. Wally and Barry are mentioned together in the Flash entry

It would help me enormously if the years each were active was the first three sentences

Years Barry 1959 to 1985?
Years Wally was the flash
Year Barry cane back

@Nathan.Payson adds to @Reaganfan78’s idea:

“It would be cool to have badges or marks they show that we’ve read/watched the series. Maybe even a percentage of how far we are on TV series and comic runs.”

I love the percentage addition! Makes me think of my own true love, Pokemón GO. They have badge percentages when you’ve achieved something like 10, 50, then 100 of a certain goal. Again, we have to work with unifying the forum software with other elements of DC Universe, which is a bit of a “luxury” item after all the other features we’re releasing :slight_smile: But unifying the service is definitely, like, the whole point of what we’re doing here :rofl:


@movieaddict asks:

“Any chance of adding the rest of the Panic in the Sky storyline? Missing Superman:The Man of Steel #9&10, Superman #65&66, and probably Adventures of Superman #488&489 (but I didn’t check the last 2 yet).”

I just checked for #488 and #489 and don’t see them on the service. I’ve logged that these are missing from the arc (we aspire to fill in the gaps, so this is helpful!).

If you happen to catch anything like this in the future, could you please report on this thread?

Oh, I guess you want an answer to your question :rofl:

Depending on what’s going on with the backend, we should get those on the service soon, as they represent gaps in the storyline that’s present on the service. If there’s a weird reason we don’t, I’ll report back that reason here.


Not sure if you were understanding completely, but there are 6 books missing for Panic in the Sky, all 6 mentioned. Thanks for the answer though!!!

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@deku_ asks:

"Whenever an official post is made by the mods and includes some sort of time reference, like when something will begin. I.e. “Superman’s Aliens bracket will launch Tuesday, March 19th at 10am.”

…is it safe to assume you all will always mean P.S.T.?"

@deku_, you are also the best!! It’s true, it’s safe to assume PST. I’m sorry that wasn’t on the brackets! I just did a scrub and updated what I THINK is all of the time zone info, but thank you for pointing that out- we generally aspire to adding the time zone, so I’m sorry there was some confusion.


@Redhood.55520 asks:

“My question is when will this service be available for other countries around the world to use.”

My week’s going well, I hope yours is too! We don’t yet have information on when we’re going international yet. We’re focusing on a few other big steps (more platforms, content, and improving a lot more bugs), then rolling out to incorporate the challenges of subtitles and translations. That will also take a big expansion of our team, and we’re still getting our sea legs here domestically! But we absolutely adore that DC has international love, and want to return that love ASAP. We’re a UNIVERSE, after all.


@Reaganfan78 asks:

"Anytime I read the end of the comic book from few years ago, I see a ads for DC heroes/ Looney Tunes (Strange but cool style) crossover, can you guys please add them? :slightly_smiling_face: "

I’ll definitely put the request through! It would be fun to see these on the service and play with some crossovers :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestion!


@movieaddict asks:

“Any explanation why season 2 episode 1 of Wonder Woman is in widescreen and seemingly not HD as opposed to the rest of the series? Any chance of adding the widescreen and 4:3 version of each episode?”

I love that a movie addict asks about the home theater experience. It’s downright poetic. Anyway! I just e-mailed the powers that be to get a response on this. No real explanation right now, let’s see if there’s a solution. Thanks for letting us know!


I was wondering, will you be implementing more filters for searches? For example, a way to filter by year, or by complete storylines/runs, or even by characters. I still feel as if I need to have a wikipedia page open next to me to make sure I’m reading what I want to be.


@HaruTheCatGirl asks:

“How old do you have to be to pitch a story or art to dc? How do you pitch something?”

It’s much easier to have your story or art considered if you are 18+, as there is additional legal hurdles to jump as a minor. DC does not accept open submissions, but we do offer workshops every once in a while! I encourage you to check out this link:

If you are interested in breaking into the comic book industry in general, I strongly encourage you to visit the Artist’s Alleys at comic book conventions and speak with the people manning those booths about their approach and process. It’s becoming more common to self-publish and release your worn independently and digitally. Share your work wherever you can! And most importantly, support other artists. Spread the love and build a reputation for being a supportive fellow comic book creator. Visit the portfolios and social pages of fellow creators and tell them how much you admire their work, share it and celebrate it.

It really pays back in dividends and helps to build your network when you support the community.


Batch 1 Complete! Returning to top and harvesting more delicious questions.


@movieaddict asks:

“Any idea why the news feed jumps back to the top while scrolling? I can’t get it to stay where I am on my phone.”

To quote Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live, “I don’t like that ooone bit.”

What device are you on? Have you reported to technical support at ? I assume you mean the community feed, and not the news feed? But if you mean the news feed, I’m still not sure why. Technical support will be better equipped to answer those questions, as they live, eat, and breathe the technical behavior of the platform! I just hang out in the forums and do rewards stuff. But thanks for letting me know so that next time someone asks I can say, “Oh, I’ve heard of that! Report it to technical support.”


@cparel95 asks:

“I have to agree: we’ve seen all of you at DC outdo yourself with bringing back Young Justice…any chance some that magic can be used on Batman Beyond?”

Flattery will get you everywhere, @cparel95 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I haven’t heard anything about Batman Beyond yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Sorry I can’t give a more definitive answer!


No, when I click the news link on my android phone, I will scroll down reading the headlines, then it will just pop back to the top. Haven’t thought to contact technical as it is not that problematic for me

@jlange0820.1792 asks:

“Any chance that besides new original shows that DCU would consider some creator or character documentaries. Plus maybe a DC virtual convention. They could stream panels and we at home could ask questions. The store then could sell convention merchandise and signed comics and trades.”

Oh my gosh, this sounds like a dream. We do often have creator spotlights, that, frustratingly, are not currently popping up in the search function. But as for documentaries, that would be really, really cool. I know there are a lot out there that are unlicensed, but how neat would it be if a division of creative devoted time to creating exclusive documentaries for us, not just original series?

As for livestreaming, I imagine that’s one of those features that are far in the future, in one of those echo-ey voice type ways. That’s an additional kind of functionality that extends beyond what we’re currently in development on. But I’m really into the idea and will pass it on!


@moveiaddict asks:

“Any list available of what is coming in April? I mean, all I have seen is Superman the Motion Picture is leaving.”

Ooh! This was asked above, but I’ll answer again- we’re still solidifying the details on what I think is some pretty righteous announcements. Expect closer to the end (meaning, END end) of the month :slight_smile:


@Super-Squirrel asks:

"It’s April 1st and the DCU offices have been taken over by one of DC’s zaniest characters.

To which overlord would you prefer to bend the knee:

  1. Mr Mxyzptlk
  2. Bat-Mite
  3. Ambush Bug"

:rofl::rofl::rofl:Oh my Glob Super-Squirrel, this is amazing. Ambush Bug has been making a very strong appearance in the forums lately, and built quite an affinity with me. And in many unfortunate ways, I relate to him.

Bat-Mite and Mxyzptlk are similar in a lot of ways, but Mxyzptlk has that “classic” vibe going for him and I always defer to the ancients. Gotta bend the knee to Mr. Mxyzptlk. ALL HAIL MXYZPTLK, LONG MAY HE REIGN!