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And if we do get it, could it pleeeeeease be the original version, not the recolored one? Since DC seems determined to sell only the recolored edition nowadays, surely they can throw us a bone. And besides, it’s not really a graphic novel. It’s a prestige format one-shot. There’s a difference. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Applejack,
I just watched Mystery of the Batwoman for the first time, and discovered the “Chase Me” short at the end. But, the short was completely silent, no music, nothing. I realize there was no voice track to it, but I understand the original has a musical score. Is that deliberately omitted here, or is there something wrong with my setup which worked fine through the end of the movie proper? I’m using a Roku feeding an Onkyo receiver to be precise.


Chase me was like that on dvd as a bonus short, no talking or sound, just music. :batman_hv_1: :catwoman_hv_2:


I’m pretty sure of the answer to this @Applejack, but being an inquisitive feller, I’ll ask anyway:

What’s the likelihood of the DCU Store selling McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse products as well as those from Spin Master’s Heroes Unite and The Caped Crusader lines? Funko Pop figures are in the store, so it seems logical that two of the other, more prominent, DC licensees should have their wares on sale there too.


As some have requested, I’m thinking about doing a trivia week where the questions are a little bit easier. But if you were me, how would you gauge a particular question’s difficulty?



There is now a limitation on

Posting more than five times in.a row

When a poster hits that limit

Another member must post before the first poster can continue.

As far as we know this is absolute and not time based.

Since I cant sleep.any more because of leg spasms I could wait an hour between posts.

This stops me cold worh no recource.

If you my posts like

Which is in.ssential readings

Also.I posted a series of JPGs in my background on.the Trinity

Please reconsider making the limit more like ten.

We have already a 7000 character limit on each post

When I change history i add a post on.the change.

I won’t be able to do that with this rule.

It might be never before someone posts to my topics.

Thank you


I actually hit that limit with my last Characters of DC post and I ended up having to take out some things I had wanted to add.

My question is related to this actually. With links to comics creating a lot of extra characters in club posts and those characters being counted I was curious as to whether there was a way to make the links themselves less character heavy or maybe a way we could have more characters allowed than 7000 to compensate for those links? A link to a comic itself can have 92 characters and even though 7000 sounds like a lot of characters if you have several such links plus other words in the post itself it becomes apparent that its maybe not enough.


That’s me most weeks. If we ever get a larger character limit, maybe I can release the Snyder Cuts of my posts. :stuck_out_tongue:


I copy and paste.

I know how big.each post will be

My problem occurs when I add to.the and get over 7000.

I had to redo. eight post

With this new restriction I only get five posts.

The 7000 limit may be a database field testriction.

Though some of my old writing posts 32k.


@TurokSonOfStone1950 Yeah, its easy when you copy/paste to tell how many characters a post will be but I don’t always do that so that’s where I have a problem.

Another question: Would it be possible to get some kind of counter in the bar to let people know what their character count is? Something like “0000/7000”. It could be put after the gear or maybe it could be an option under the gear right after “Build a Poll”. It would make things a bit easier if we could actually see how many characters we have left out of the 7000.


The Word Count is done at the rnd and it tells you how many characters you used.

Not that many of us write posts that long without copy and paste. Because you can lose everything that way if you hit the wrong button on your screen or even if you get a phone csll.

I sm more concerned with the limit of five posts ar a time and then.someone has to respond. I would accept a time limit since I work at 4 am sometimes.


Hi Applejack :woman_technologist:,
I don’t mean to go off a DC topic a bit, Have you seen a new Star Wars movie? If yes what did you think of it?
:slightly_smiling_face::popcorn::film_projector: I saw it today and enjoy it.


Hi Applejack :woman_technologist:,
I hope I don’t get you in trouble for answering this question since it’s a bit early to ask, When U unscripted get to the 3 finalists, do us the fans get to vote on who we like the best? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Applejack! Happy Thursday!

What are the chances of awarding the winner of my scavenger hunt event - Week of Covers! | Coverart Scavenger Hunt - with a RIDDLER badge? Cuz that would be really cool :sunglasses: Thanks!


Good evening, Applejack!! I hope you had a great start to 2020. :green_heart:

Are we going to see 2020’s original series release schedule sometime soon?


I did not mean to click on the year sub and would like to cancel my sub and get my money back

Hi @Applejack

Where is the list of possible badges one can earn?

Doesn’t seem to be in the faqs and not in the suggestion box badge topics either. I know it was here at one point, but I can’t find it. Tried snooping around on both the iPhone app and a browser and no love.

There is an FAQ on clearance levels, maybe some brief info on badges could be put in???


Hi @wdavid_89.86751, I’m not Applejack but I’ll be happy to help you, if you go to DC costumer service they’ll be happy to help you. Here’s a link Submit a request – DC Universe Help Center


Happy Thursday evening to our local hero, @Applejack!

I have a few questions that I had submitted to the Suggestions thread but was eager to understand more about my asks. I hope you don’t mind that I popped them into Office Hours.

Thank you! :batman_hv_5:


I like the picture! @Applejack should put that in her profile picture if she wanted to. :slightly_smiling_face: