Offical word requested about SWAMP THING

Everywhere, including here, Reddit and YouTube, we hear that SWAMP THING will produce no new episodes after the 10 we’re supposed to get.

There was a similar rumor going on about DOOM PATROL, and it was bull excrement.

So…is there any truth to THIS rumor?

Subscribers want to know!


For some reason “bull excrement” is so funny written out :joy::joy::joy:


No, its true

It’s no rumor, it’s a DOOMER!

But let’s carry on, it’s not like the world stopped spinning lol :slight_smile:

If swamp thing is officially canceled so is my subscription. Nothing like getting your base excited and then pulling the rug out from underneath us.


I’d like to know how they expect us to like a show anymore with everything getting canceled. Im about to just watch reruns until I know a show can actually develop some legs.


subscription cancelled. Let’s be honest, the weekly shows are the main reason for having a subscription. Why would I invest myself in watching a show that has no future. I have enough of those frustrations already.

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People cancelling their subscriptions in Mass is a sure way to kill this service. This was not the DCU’s fault, they were messed over by the State of North Carolina’s film board. Here’s a suggestion, have HBO and the DCU share production costs and air the show on both services, it’s going to end up on HBO international anyway.


Just release all the episodes then. After this I’m done with DC I’ll watch these shows some where else

@Brightknight, that’s a really good idea.

As for DCU getting screwed by the state, its reported that the tax rebate form was filled out incorrectly. That sound like it’s in the filmmaking end of the deal.

Copy/pasting for mercy on my fingers!

We have posted an official response here in Watchtower:

In the interest of organization and to keep frequently asked questions visible in a single source of truth, please post any further concerns or questions you have in the above thread.

Thanks :slight_smile: