Of All of Batman’s Sidekicks, Who Was the Most Lethal?

The Big Bad Bat has ridden into battle with some pretty tough characters at his side. Some were tough as coffin nails and some weren’t even close. I am not counting Batman himself in this because if he ever did decide to play for keeps the criminal population in Gotham would drop to near zero within a month. Instead I will name those who have fought beside Batman in order of least lethal to Angel of Death level and list why.

  1. Tim Drake- now Red Robin is a wholesome All-American type who’d feel guilty swatting a spider. A master computer guy he can hold his own in a fight but he is no killer.
  2. Stephanie Brown- now Spoiler, Tim’s love interest. She has been Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl and now Spoiler again. I place her as slightly more dangerous then Tim because she was “killed” by Black Mask and I feel that toughened her up. Also one of the reason’s Batman fired her as Robin was her willingness to use lethal blows against serial killer Zsasz. Something Tim never did.
  3. Barbara Gordon- now Oracle. Babs first donned the Batgirl persona mainly out of fan devotion to Batman, which was wrong. But later received an education from the Bat. She is not a killer, but is willing to walk through fire to protects civilians and aide her comrades.
  4. Katherine Kane- now Batwoman. I place her as more dangerous then Babs due to her willingness to shoot people. Raised by a Special Forces father and having received some of the same training as Batman, she is a lethal lady. Unlike her cousin Bruce, Kate is willing to ensure certain bad guys never bother the world again.
  5. Damian Wayne- now Robin. Why do I place the grandson of Ra’s al Ghul so low on the Dangerous List? Because he’s not a killer, save in self defense or to protect someone in the heat of battle. Yes he was raised by an elite society of assassins, yes his maternal grandfather and mom were sociopathic. But Damian kept his soul through it, proven by the fact that his father was able to ensure he didn’t kill. Yes, Damian can be a very dangerous adversary, but those who follow have him beat.
  6. Selina Kyle- now Catwoman. She started off as one of the Bat’s top foes, slowly won his respect, no easy fete, became his ride or die and broke his heart. She’s been a thief, a vigilante, an avenger and she killed Black Mask. I make her more dangerous than Damian because she is never caught off guard, always having a plan, backup plan and back-backup plan.
  7. Dick Grayson- now Nightwing. He was the first child to follow a dark figure into the darkness cesspool of Gotham City, the first Robin to face such players as Joker, Penguin, Two Face and Killer Croc. Later he’d be an operative for Spyril, a dark intelligence service. He’d be a Bludhaven cop and then wiseguy. He has led several teams of people who all had more power then him but followed him loyally. If he ever turned to the darkside he’d give Damian nightmares.
  8. Jason Todd- now Red Hood. He has killed, many times. He has killed killers. He made the Joker his plaything, tore apart Black Mask’s operations, kicked Penguins fat tukis and killed many heavy hitters. He was Robin, he was killed by Joker, betrayed by his mom and brought back by the league of assassins. Only Batman, and maybe one or two others would stand a chance against him.
  9. Cassandra (Cain) Wayne- now Orphan. Daughter of a monster and one of the most lethal women on Earth. She was raised by said monster to be a living weapon. Before she was ten she had killed professional killers. Yet her inner strength was such that she was able to step from the darkness with Batman’s aide and continued her training under his tutelage. Just as Batman has secret strategies for taking out the Justice League, I have no doubt Cassie has mental notes on how to terminate the entire bat Family.
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cass is the most deadly and possibly the least lethal, Cass would rather die than hurt someone, she always disables lethal implies danger of loss of life Cass will not kill it is the core tenet of character she has and never will, it is part of what makes her such an awesome chacrter

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Dick.Grayson killed
many thugs
In his early appearances,
even in Detective 38
his first story

He used his sligshot
Which caused them
to lose balance
and fall to their deaths

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Idk if it’s just me or if you honestly believe Cass and Dick are that low or you messed up the numbers. But assuming the numbers are backwards I’m just gonna say this:
Jason being a killer doesn’t make him more or less lethal than those that wouldn’t. Just more bloodthirsty and trigger happy. Dick and Babs would wipe the floor with his behind if he tried it. He died for a reason, cuz he wasn’t good enough. The guns help him way more than people seem to like to admit. Without them he’d be easy work for quite a few of Batman associates.

You are not giving Jason enough credit imo. He died because he was young, brash, and betrayed by his own mother. After being “resurrected” Jason trained with the League of Assassins then went around the world training with martial art Masters and became one of the very best there is. He also plans things very well and just might have explosives set to mess you up as well outside of his skills and guns.


While all that may be true but you forget that many of the others trained with the very best there is just as well. And like I said before, the guns, explosives, whatever the case only make up for the fact he isn’t on that level. He would get mopped without those tools.

  1. I started with least dangerous and worked my way toward most dangerous.
  2. Jason’s lethality comes mainly from his willingness to use lethal force. Yes, Dick or babs might be able to take him in a fight, but both would hesitate to cross a line that Jason has crossed several times.
  3. Jason was killed by the Joker because his mother sold him out.
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Okay so yeah the numbers are backwards as I initially thought. And like I said, Jason’s willingness to use lethal force only makes him more bloodthirsty and trigger happy. Yeah others would hesitate to kill him BUT they would totally match his force, probably take his toys away, and ground him for a little while. And yeah, okay his mom sold him out BUT you’re trying to tell me that other associates wouldn’t have been able to get out of that and whoop Joker into next week? C’mon I can’t stand Damian but even he could do it. So again, he died because he wasn’t good enough (and everyone wanted him dead :joy::rofl:).

I don’t know how throwing yourself in front of an explosion is a sign of weakness…

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I didn’t say he was weak, I said he wasn’t good enough. There is a difference. It’s not about what he did but rather what he didn’t do and that was dislocate you’re damn thumbs, slip out those handcuffs, whoop Joker’s smiley ass, and leave like any of the other Batman associates would have. I’m not saying he’s was weak. I’m saying he’s not as good as the others I.e. not good enough for the job.

He wasn’t in handcuffs. The Joker pistol-whipped him as his mother held him at gunpoint, and then the Joker and his gang immediately surrounded him and hit him repeatedly before bringing out the crowbar. Even after all that, he still managed to crawl out of the pool of his own blood to untie his mother (who, of course, was betrayed by the Joker shortly after betraying her son). He was too disoriented from head trauma to diffuse the bomb the Joker had set, so he instead jumped in front of his mother and took the full force of the explosion.

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Well, that’s not the version I saw but okay. Either way you mean to tell me other associates wouldn’t and hasn’t disarmed someone or at least gotten out of the way while being held at gunpoint or beat up a gang of Joker thugs including the Joker himself? Like this is basic for them c’mon now :joy::joy:

He’s referring to the original story.



Yeah, because starlin couldn’t stand em :joy: