Obscurity of DC Presents: Ultra-bscure Book Club, Week 13 (February 12-February 18) --- CREATURE COMMANDOS!

Welcome, @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! Welcome to Obscurity of DC’s thirteenth Ultr-Obscure Book Club! This week, we’ll be starting a 2-week focus on…


Number of Books: 1 (Please only read pages 1-146)

VERY brief description from dc.com: In one of DC’s strangest comics ever, a werewolf, a vampire, a gorgon, and Frankenstein’s monster fight against the German forces during World War II.

Now that that’s over with, here are some discussion questions:

  1. Why do you think Lucky cried for the Nazis?
  2. Why do you think the Creature Commandos are led by a human?
  3. Why do you think the Creature Commandos are so murderous?
  4. Do you think the Creature Commandos would be as successful if they were created in a post-war time? Explain.
  5. Who is your favorite member of the Creature Commandos? Why?

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