Obscurity of DC Presents: Month of Obscurity, Month 27 (June) — JACE FOX!

Heya @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! Welcome to the twenty-seventh MONTH OF OBSCURITY! For the month of June, we will be focusing on…

Age Suggestion: 12+

Number of Issues: 18

Description taken from dc.fandom.com: Timothy “Jace” Fox is the oldest son of Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox, and the brother of Lucas Fox, Tamara Fox and Tiffany Fox. He has a long history of estrangement from his father and rebels against the affluent surroundings he grew up in. He was briefly an employee of Gregorian Falstaff and operated as Vulture of the Terrible Trio. On his seventeenth birthday, Jace accidentally killed a man, with the aftermath resulting in his exile from Gotham. After discovering a Batsuit in the Hibernaculum at Wayne Enterprises, Jace became the next Batman.

With that out of the way, here are some discussion questions:

  1. A key part of Jace’s heroism, in contrast to Bruce’s, was how his past misdeeds and crime caused him to want to change to be a better person. How does his goal of redemption relate to his commitment to being Batman?
  2. Jace Fox’s Batman stories frequently focused on the Fox family and his relationship with them. In a short summary, how would you describe each member of the Fox Family (Lucius, Luke, Tanya, Tamara and Tiffany) relationship to Jace?
  3. What are some differences between Jace’s Batman in Gotham and Jace’s Batman in New York City? How do these differences create a unique setting, especially in regard to other Batman books?
  4. In what ways has Jace Fox sought/managed to differentiate himself from Bruce Wayne, Batman?
  5. With Jace continuing his role as Batman of New York alongside his sister Tiffany Fox as his new sidekick, what would you like to see in the future regarding Jace Fox as Batman? Is there any particular storyline you think would be interesting for this character?

Bonus question: Following the fallout of the revelation of Lucius Fox’s affair and Jace’s birth mother, do you agree with his decision to leave his family or not? Explain.

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I love me some Jace Fox and I Am Batman! I’ll have to revisit these issues before I answer to refresh my memory on the details.


Awesome! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Jace Fox backstory about a man seeking to fix the mistakes of his past is a noble goal. Pertaining to his current namesake, Jace believes being Batman can not only be a symbol of change but also believes Batman can prevent people who were like him from making the same mistake.

The idea of being Batman is therefore important to him but unlike Bruce mission of “never-ending war on crime.” Jace role as Batman will end when he believes he sought that personal redemption.

  • Lucius Fox: Jace Fox has a complicated relationship with his father. While Lucius is a strict father, he does want to mend his relationship with Jace and believes that can be done if he works for him. However Jace couldn’t easily forgive Lucius and actively was vocal against him and his newfound immense wealth which Jace argued made him entitled. This is how their relationship started off, but later in the second half of I Am Batman. Jace is able to confide in his father on his various problems, especially when Lucius Fox discover Jace is Batman.

  • Luke Fox relationship with Jace is arguably even more strained than anyone else in the Fox family. Frequently giving him the cold shoulder and refuses to call him Jace but Tim. Luke believes his brother ran away from his problems and hasn’t changed for the better. While his hatred is somewhat misguided. Luke’s ridicule by the rest of the Fox Family for not accepting Jace likely further deepened his hatred for him. Even if both knew they were heroes, I still feel like Luke would continue resenting his brother.

  • Similar to Lucius. While Tanya in many ways is a good mother. Her stern attitude and Jace frustration with her exploiting her family power and influence made their relationship tense. Especially when he became Batman and she was pushing for laws against him. Their relationship became somewhat more positive as Jace moved with her to New York to help Tamara as well as did her position on Batman.

  • Tamara as described by Jace was once his closest sibling growing up, but they drifted apart during his self-exile from Gotham. While he tried to be there for her during her recovery, neither are close as they were before.

  • Tiffany Fox is unique in the Fox family as she is the only one who actively pushes for everyone to get along together and wants to know her brother. This makes sense as it it’s implied she was a child when he left and doesn’t know him well like the rest. She grows close to him despite him initially pushing her away as she is the only one who understands Jace’s self-guilt and decide to train herself like Jace how to fight. Later becoming her brother’s sidekick defending the streets of New York.

Jace’s first enemies were the Magistrate, advanced high-tech soldiers equipped with robots that he recognize he couldn’t defeat through conventional means. So Jace Batman decide to use his training inspied by gorilla fighters to fight them on a smaller scale and uses a faceplate, low-fi tech, and even burner phones to stay under their radar. That doesn’t mean Jace’s Batman was looking to take on the Magistrate directly. In fact his Batman was stopping crime the Magistrate didn’t care for and help people in defiance of the police State.

However in New York, lacking a Magistrate, Jace’s Batman had a lot easy time stopping common criminals and Jace had a greater impact in his city with the city government seeing his presence and wanting him working alongside the police in a task force. Unlike Gotham, it’s relatively grounded and being in New York, is largely about him cleaning up some of the fallout from Gotham that spillover to New York. Only notable exception being Sinestro who appeared in a tie in from Dark Crisis.

  • In one specific way, Jace refers to the OG Batman as “The Batman” while he just calls himself Batman. It’s a little difference but essentially it’s intentional as he wants to keep being Batman but also believes Bruce’s Batman is far more important and significant.

  • Jace Batman is a lot more practical than Bruce would be. Refusing to use tech and weaponry as he fears escalating like what the other Batman did in Gotham (I personally see faults in his logic here, but don’t want to waste a paragraph on it here).

  • Unlike Bruce, Jace has a sardonic personality. Often trash talking his opponents and showing a more casual attitude around people. His still is a brooding individual so he behave differently from his brother, Batwing, as well who is more sarcastic and quippy.

While he currently has a solid enough foundation. Jace Fox’s Batman has several hurdles he needs to overcome to stay relevant in the future. Most significantly, while it’s somewhat understandable the I Am Batman series wanted to establish Jace stand on his own as a superhero. It also could be argued his lack of connection with the Bat-family which includes his brother, Batwing, isolated Jace’s Batman from the greater DCU where it’s hard to believe him as a important superhero let alone one who is meant to be Batman.

Jace role as Batman could improve by simply giving him more interactions with more familiar heroes. Currently the Outsiders book is occupied by Batwing and Batwoman, but once it’s finished, it could be interesting to see Jace on a new Outsiders team alongside Black Lightning and Katana. Katana already knows Jace Fox by being his mentor and Black Lightning and Katana were written by John Ridley in his Other History of the DC Universe series. That’s a strong start, but I would also be interested to see him in a storyline with Batwing. Luke Fox and Jace Fox brotherly rivalry has a lot of potential for interesting storylines and I think it would be cool to have the Fox Family as a superhero team.

Besides Jace’s tantrum being so cruel. The problem I have with the reveal was how it framed the Fox Family as bad people as well as the reveal undermining the entire point of the I Am Batman series focus on the Fox family.

Franky, I see no point of this whole adultery thing with Lucius except to make the Fox Family needlessly problematic and make Jace biracial. It’s so cynical.

It’s not cool this reveal happen at the end of the series, leaving this family drama unresolved. It just made me so bitter and I hate it. :laughing:


Amazing answers!