Obscurity of DC Presents: Blue Beetle LAL, Week 7 (Rounding Up The Payroll Bandits/Crime Incorporated)


Hey @ObscurityofDCClub and everyone else on this wonderful community! Welcome to another one of Obscurity of DC’s Listen-A-Longs! Each Saturday, for the next few weeks, we’ll be listening to a radio show from 1940 that features Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett). This week, we’ll follow the Blue Beetle as he tries to take down a gang of gangsters stealing the payroll of innocent civilians.

Where: On this very thread!

When: Saturday, October 15 at 10pm EST/7pm PST

How Long: Just 1 hour! There will be a 5-min break in the middle.

How to Listen: The google drive links are posted here and here!

As always, I hope to see you all there, and I can’t wait to listen to this show with you!

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Just in case you want to put faces to the characters, here are some of them from the Golden Age books:

Rookie Patrol Officer Dan Garret (sometimes spelled Garrett):
Dan Garret

His partner, Mike Mannigan (once spelled Mannigin):
Mike Mannigan

His shady pharmacist, Dr. Franz:
Doc Franz

His most-used love interest, reporter Joan Mason (who appeared in early episodes like “The Sea Serpent”):
Joan Mason

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Actually, in this iteration, it’s always spelled Garrett. This is the Golden Age, remember. :slight_smile:

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From his first appearance in Mystery Men Comics #1 (August, 1939):

In most of his early appearances it was spelled “Garret.” Later on, some writers would get it wrong and spell it “Garrett.” For instance, this scene from Holyoke’s Blue Beetle #24 (August, 1943):

Dan Garrett

When Charlton revamped the character in 1964, they made him archeologist Dan Garrett and they always spelled it “Garrett.” That’s what I think you’re thinking of.

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You are correct!

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Actually, I have to correct myself a little :laughing:

Charlton spelled it “Garrett” until their second revamp of the character in 1967 which introduced Ted Kord. In the '67 Blue Beetle, Steve Ditko and co. reverted back to the “Garret” spelling for archeologist Dan. So, I guess both Golden Age and Silver Age used both spellings.

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Just under 3.5 hours!

2.5 hours!

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1 hour!

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Just under 45 mins!

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30 mins

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I should be there, lookin foward to it :+1:

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Just under 15 mins!

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Spread your wings and fly away!

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