Obscurity of DC Presents: Blue Beetle LAL, Week 5 (Frame Up/Spirits Don't Talk)

Wealthy playboy? Against Maroni? Is this a Batman crossover?

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Blue Beetle Smashes the Mob

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Who thought that would be a good idea to do that with the music?!

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Does anyone think Rogers is guilty?

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This is confusing…

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This guy’s an asshole!

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So he did kill him?

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Poor guy

Maroni’s the killer! And the spouse! Maybe?

The whole case is based on testimony! Where’s the hard evidence?

The governor?!?!

I don’t think that worked for Maroni…

Your excellency?! What is this? 1600s England?

Bye-bye Maroni!


Woooo!!! Nice job, Danny!!!

Isn’t it illegal for authorities to discuss ongoing investigations with outsiders? Obviously, the case is over now, but Danny has committed more crimes than just vigilantism!

Lol! You heard the me! 5 mins!

and we’re back!

objection! heresay!