Obscurity of DC Presents: Blue Beetle LAL, Week 4 (Death Strikes From The East/Sea Serpent)


Hey @ObscurityofDCClub and everyone else on this wonderful community! Welcome to Obscurity of DC’s fourth-ever Listen-A-Long! Each Sunday, for the next few weeks, we’ll be listening to a radio show from 1940 that features Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett). This week, we’ll follow Dan Garrett as he tries to stop yet another Tong War!

Where: On this very thread!

When: Sunday, September 18 at 8pm EST/5pm PST

How Long: Just 1 hour! There will be a 5-min break in the middle.

How to Listen: Just click either the youtube link or the google drive link, and you’ll start to hear the whole show.

Youtube Link: Blue Beetle Radio Show, Week 4 (Death Strikes From the East/Sea Serpent) - YouTube
Google Drive File: Blue Beetle Radio Show: Week 4 (Death Strike From The East/Sea Serpent).mp3 - Google Drive

As always, I hope to see you all there, and I can’t wait to listen to this show with you!

NOTE: The Tong Wars did actually happen in real life, and resulted in the murder of several people. It would break the community guidelines to address everything that happened, but if you are interested, I would highly suggest reading about the Tong Wars.

– Genuine, Jaw-Dropping, Fact-Checking @Jurisdiction

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Just under one day until we hit play!

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1 hour 45 mins!

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1 hour!

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Just under 30 mins!

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5 mins

2 mins

Alright! Spread your wings and fly away!

Who’s gonna show up?

Bluuuuuuuue Beetle

Tong Wars… again, you should check out the history. It’s really interesting

I said it last week, too! Dr. Franz is always in the first scene!

Sorry for the audio quality. It’s really not great.

Wait is Dan in NYC?

They were so racist towards Chinese people back then… it’s really disturbing!

They’re so shocked that it’s a white man… racial prejudice in the 40’s…

Sorry for all the comments about racial inequality. I’m gonna try to stop talking about it as much.

Gosh darn! I spoke too soon! People usually have pretty similar handwriting! Having sloppier handwriting doesnt classify you as white or black or Asian. That’s the end of my rant! I promise…

11 and a half minutes in, and not a mention of BB… wonder what’s happening…

“She’s not dead yet”

Gee that’s reassuring…