Obscurity of DC Presents: Blue Beetle LAL, Week 10 (Two Rackets In One/Underworld Goes Underground)


Hey @ObscurityofDCClub and everyone else on this wonderful community! Welcome to another one of Obscurity of DC’s Listen-A-Longs! Each Saturday, for the next few weeks, we’ll be listening to a radio show from 1940 that features Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett). This week, we’ll follow the Blue Beetle as .

Where: On the new live chat! Click HERE to join the chat!

When: Saturday, November 26 at 10pm EST/7pm PST

How Long: Just 1 hour! There will be a 5-min break in the middle.

How to Listen: Just click either the youtube link or the google drive link, and you’ll start to hear the whole show.

Youtube Link: Blue Beetle Radio Show, Week 10 (Two Rackets in One/Underworld Goes Underground) - YouTube
Google Drive File: Blue Beetle LAL, Week 10 (Two Rackets In One/Underworld Goes Underground) - Google Drive

As always, I hope to see you all there, and I can’t wait to listen to this show with you!

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Alright, @ObscurityofDCClub, we might not have a live chat tonight. There might be one, but it’s looking like that probably won’t happen. Worst case scenario, we’ll just go old-school and use this thread instead.

Also, 5 hours!


Ooh or we could use the main OODC chat room! I think we’ll do that!


Alright @ObscurityofDCClub here’s the link to the chat room again:


3 hours

2 hours

1 hour

45 mins

Agghhh!!! I spaced. Sorry, I’ve had World Cup/Thanksgiving brain all week. Will make the next one.


That’s fine lol! I forgot about it too until my 5:00 alarm to post “5 hours until go time” scared the crap outta me!