Obscurity of DC Club -- The Haven

Wedgewood Museum Page

King Mob

  • Personality/Characteristics: Confident; spiritual; aggressive.
  • Abilities: Occultistism; Martial Arts; Persuasive.
  • Paraphernalia: Black leather Jacket.
  • Weaknesses: None

Boy (Lucille Butler)

  • Personality/Characteristics: Level-headed; Angry.
  • Abilities: Martial Arts; Detective skills.
  • Paraphernalia: Hats.
  • Weaknesses: None.

Ragged Robin

  • Personality/Characteristics: (Formerly) Whimsical and impulsive; (Later) Hardened; confident.
  • Powers: Psychic; Telepathy.
  • Abilities: Occultistism.
  • Paraphernalia: Clown makeup
  • Weaknesses: None.

Lord Fanny (Hilde Morales)

  • Personality/Characteristics: Confident; flamboyant; Loyal.
  • Powers: Magic; Shaman powers.
  • Abilities: Dancer.
  • Paraphernalia: Flamboyant outfits; Wigs
  • Weaknesses: Magic withdraw

Jack Frost (Dane McGowan)

  • Personality/Characteristics: (Formely) Rebellious; Angry; (Later) Confident; Spiritual; Compassionate.
  • Powers: Magic; Dimensional travel; Enhanced senses; Psychic.
  • Paraphernalia: Rock/Punk shirts and jackets.
  • Weaknesses: None.