Obscurity of DC Club -- The Haven


  • Wedgwood Museum Page
  • Personality/Characteristics: Head-Strong; Impatient; Responsible
  • Abilities: Boxing
  • Paraphernalia: H-Dial; S-Dial
  • Weaknesses: Heart Condition
  • Heroes/Sidekicks: Boy Chimney; Captain Lachrymose; Skeet; Ctrl+Alt+Del; Iron Snail; Human Virus; Shamanticore; Pelican Army; Double Bluff; Hole Punch; Rancid Ninja; Baroness Resin; Cock-A-Hoop; Chief Mighty Arrow; Tugboat; Tree Knight; Daffodil Host; Flame War; Cloud Herd; Glimpse; The Flash; ElepHaunt; Moon Monkey; SuperOmi: Queen of Soho; Secret Faction; Monodon Seer; Chimney Lachrymose; Pelican Bluff; Ctrl+Alt+Daffodil; Cloud Skeet; Flame Snail; Copter
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