Obscurity of DC Club -- The Haven


John Constantine

  • Personality/Characteristics: Cocky; Sarcastic; Cynical
  • Powers: Magic; Divination; Demon Summoning; Curses; Spirit Ward Creation; Golemancy; Necromancy; Illusion Casting; Synchronicity Wave Traveling; Mind Control; Astral Projection; Chlorokinesis; Chronokinesis; Cosmic Awareness; Dimensional Travel; Disintegration; Enhanced Senses; Energy Construct Creation; Energy Projection; Eldritch Blast; Photokinesis; Electro-Blast; Exorcism; Infection; Power Absorption; Invisibility; Pyrokinesis; Thermal-Blast; Sigil Magic; Telekinesis; Teleportation; Demon Blood; Magical Awareness
  • Abilities: Deception; Occultism; Prestidigitation; Hypnosis; Escapology; Hand-To-Hand Combat; Indomitable Will; Intimidation; Investigation; Multilingualism; Singing
  • Paraphernalia: Magical Trenchcoat; Moon Blade; House of Mystery
  • Weaknesses: Cancer (formerly)

Doctor Occult (AKA Richard Occult)

  • Personality/Characteristics: Determined; Mysterious; Composed
  • Powers: Magic; Astral Projection; Intangibility; Telekinesis; Hypnosis; Illusion Casting; Size Alteration; Slight Transformation; Magical Awareness
  • Abilities: Investigation; Science; Occultism
  • Paraphernalia: Magic Sword; Magic Belt; Mystic Symbol of the Seven
  • Weaknesses: None

Rose Psychic

  • Personality/Characteristics: Loyal; Empathetic; Collaborative
  • Powers: Magic; Energy Construct Creation; Magical Awareness; Slight Transformation
  • Abilities: Hand-to-Hand Combat; Occultism; Hand-To-Hand Combat; Swordsmanship; Pedagogy
  • Weaknesses: None

Mister E (AKA Eric/Erik)

  • Personality/Characteristics: Mysterious; Dark; Analytical
  • Powers: Chronokinesis; Enhanced Senses; Magic; Teleportation
  • Abilities: Occultism
  • Weaknesses: Blindness; Dissociative Identity Disorder

Phantom Stranger

  • Personality/Characteristics: Wise; Observant; Mysterious
  • Powers: Immortality; Magic; Dimensional Travel; Eldritch Blast; Spectral Sight; Illusion Casting; Dispel; Transmutation; Oneiromancy; Reality Alteration; Self-Sustenance; Mental Awareness; Magical Awareness; Teleportation; Chronokinesis; Flight; Invisibility; Telepathy; Size Alteration; Transformation
  • Abilities: Hand-To-Hand Combat; Storytelling; Occultism; Disguise
  • Paraphernalia: Magic Medallion
  • Weaknesses: Non-Direct Interaction; Vulnerability to Magic