Obscurity of DC and Doom Patrol Club Present: Coagula Read-A-Long, Week 3/Conclusion (April 30-May 6) - A Tribute to Rachel Pollack

Hey @ObscurityofDCClub and @DoomPatrolClub! As some of you may know, a legend has recently fallen. The amazing Rachel Pollack has recently passed away from hodgkins lymphoma, a cancer in the immune system. Pollack has had an immense impact on several people both within and outside of the comic industry. She advocated for the rights of the trans community, women’s rights, and Jewish awareness. Pollack created the first-ever mainstream character to be openly transgender. That is the character of whose focus we are concluding…


Number of Issues: 6 — Please only read issues 82-87 (Unless you haven’t read 70-81 yet… then read those first)

Description from wikipedia.com: Coagula is a transgender lesbian, former prostitute and programmer. After having sex with former Doom Patrol member Rebis (“an alchemical hermaphrodite”), Coagula gained “alchemical powers the power to dissolve things on the one hand and coagulate them on the other hand.” She tried to join the Justice League, but “it’s implied that she was rejected in part for being an out transgender lesbian activist”; she instead joined the Doom Patrol. Coagula first appears in issue 70—“The Laughing Game”—defeating The Codpiece, a spurned man-turned-villain with a multifunctional, mechanical codpiece. After her introduction in the next few issues, Coagula takes center stage in “The Teiresias Wars”, a five-part story combining “Greek mythology with [Pollack’s] twisted retelling of the Tower of Babel”.

Onto the discussion questions:

  1. In issue 82, Kate befriends a member of a ritual group. Later on, because of a disaster, she meets Cerise, the leader of the group. How do you think Kate’s relationship with the initial member influenced her relationship with Cerise? How do you think Kate’s relationship with Cerise evolved over the series?
  2. Why do you think Kate wanted to stand her ground against the flood of blood (ooh I like that! The Blood Flood!) when it was so close to destroying her?
  3. Throughout the series, we see Kate become almost a maternal figure for Dorothy. How do you think this came to be? Why does Dorothy open up so much better with Kate than with other members of the Doom Patrol?
  4. How do you think Kate managed to (kind of) resist False Memory’s false memories?
  5. Throughout the last few issues of the series, we see Kate’s love of the occult. Where do you think this passion stems from? Why do you think she’s so intrigued by it?

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