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:lion: Following the Nubia: Coronation Special, Nubia may be queen, but not all Amazons call Themyscira home, prompting the new monarch to leave Themyscira for the first time in decades. Now, as she embarks on her tour through Man’s World to exhibit the newly established sisterhood, she will be met with joy, distrust, and danger. Something lurks in the shadows following her every move—a villain from Nubia’s mysterious past has been waiting for the day the queen joined the outside world again…

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Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons 1 (arrives in the library on 6/7!)

Main cover

Variant D


I’m going to say this because I really do like Nubia.

I do not love this idea of making Nubia a queen rather than just a Wonder-woman.
It’s not really a upgrade because Nubia now has a position that was largely a supporting role in Wonder-woman books.

Her future state story looked actually really cool yet they decided to reduce her presence by setting on the utopia island of Themyscira in continuity.

In my opinion, making her a agent of the Amazons or yeah set her adventures in dooms doorway, show her adventures there, so we get a good impression of her.


I love ALL of these covers. :heart_eyes:


I’ll be buying the A cover, but the above is truly my fav cover for #1. Its beautiful and then some.


Ive read the latest issue and WOW!

[spoiler] Nubia has her own Amazon superhero team and the floating island has been brought back for her to travel the world in style~

I am hyped for what this is all setting up and this makes me want to just see more of this which is a great thing for a first issue to have.

The mystery of villains recognizing Nubias amulet and coming after her for it is painting a fascinating picture and im looking forward to finding out where this is going. [/spoiler]


I’m enjoying this series and the hints it’s giving at Nubia’s previous life before she was reborn as an Amazon. And who doesn’t want a pet tiger cub? :heart_eyes_cat:

This is exactly what Rory does to wake me up. Good to know all cats behave the same, no matter how big they are. :joy_cat:

Meanwhile, as Nubia’s personal info is broadcast by the news media:

Yes, your snark is much needed by all, Yara. Please never change. :rofl:

I don’t really know where this story is going and generally speaking, I don’t care to make predictions. I’m just enjoying the ride. :world_of_wonder:


Regarding the latest issue, it does seem pretty clear that In her past life, Nubia was a champion of Sehkmet. Gosh this has been alot of fun and this mini series has been doing some wonderful bit of work establishing Nubias backstory.

That said gosh is it not focusing on the really cool moments I also wanna see get some attention~ XD
I wanna see Nubia tour the other Amazon cities and learn more about em and how they differ from Themyscira~
I wanna see Nubias cool super ambassador team go on adventures as a sort of Justice League of Amazons~
I want more than just four issues of this mini series~~~~


I bowed out of this series after #1 (I have to at least try to keep my pull list within some semblance of reasonably-sized, after all :smiley:), but being a big Yara nerd, I absolutely agree.

SN: No spoilers, but she had some spiffy snark in Dark Crisis #1 when approached by Superman (Jon Kent) about forming a new Justice League.


Asking for a spoiler report for #2, please. :clark_hv_4:

Is Yara in the issue, and if so, is she in it enough to where I should buy the mag? I know she’s in #3, but if she’s in #2, then I guess I’ll just add the book back to my list and read it in singles, after all.

acknowledges that comics with Yara are his Kryptonite, and that they make his efforts to minimize his pull list go weak in the knees


My above comments and screengrab were from issue 2 - so yes, she’s in it. :wink:


Merciful Minerva (or “Hello, Megan!”, your choice), I fool so feelish. :facepalm_catwoman:

For some reason, I thought that was from…IDK…something…else…even though I knew it was from…the thing…

quietly slinks out the stage exit

I hope Yara won’t be mad at my blunder…:wink:



No big deal! I’m glad I had an easy (and favorable) answer to your question. :+1:


I am too (and I thank you, of course :raised_hands:t2:), because after my gaffe, I briefly felt my Yara fandom take a kick in the keister. :joy:


@nuuninuunani, this was a wonderful sum-up of the Nubia series. Thank you for that! :pray: I’m sharing it here because it deserves to be seen by anyone else finishing this book. :smiling_face:

I got really excited when I saw this at the end of both Olympus: Rebirth and this most recent Nubia comic:



I like the idea of everything tying together in the main Wonder Woman book! I hope the payoff is worth it. :world_of_wonder:


Bump (since it’s arriving in the library) :00_wonder_woman_gold:


Didn’t know it was out, following this, for once I get it and can come back.