NRC Editorial: The Batman Needs His Robin [Your Takes]

Hello everyone! I’m planning for an editorial podcast of Neo-Reality Collective in the wake of The Batman Sequel being announced. There’s been discourse regarding if The Batman needs his Robin for the next movie.

I wanted to ask the DC Universe Fanbase to give their opinions on the potential of introducing Robin in The Batman Sequel. Along with your hopeful plot of the story featuring Robin.

Also, to add a new spin on it, which Robin would you like to see be the FIRST Robin in The Batman 2? Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Carrie Kelly, Stephaine Brown, or Dick Grayson. I would include Damian, but Damian could be saved that story for a later film involving Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia.

Thank you, and love to hear from you all!

Best wishes.




Hoping we get her officially canon in the main DCU as one of Batman’s Bat-Family allies.

Do you have a story in mind for her?


She rips all Joker’s teeth out.


Always Stephanie Brown, of course! I think her dad being maybe one of Riddler’s radicalized terrorist men as Cluemaster, and continuing on in Riddler’s footsteps between the films, so Batman recruits her when she strikes out against her dad on her own - would be awesome!


I’d say Damian Wayne, but I don’t want him as Robin until Bruce is actually living a double-life, and we’ve had backstory about Talia and Ra’s


Agreed. That’s what I saying as well!

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