November's 100 Page Giants Are Out

Based on current eBay listings, it looks like the new books for this month are so far:
Batwoman/Supergirl: World’s Finest Giant #1:

Swamp Thing Giant #2

Batman Giant #2

The above covers are of the editions that are now available at Walmart. The direct market editions (which will all be out at a later point, starting in December) will feature different artwork, with this being the alternate cover for Batwoman/Supergirl #1:

The Batwoman/Supergirl book is a nice surprise. It’d be nice if DC would return to doing press for these books and mention them on their site once more.

As a reminder, these books are not just reprints of existing material, as they do feature plenty of brand new content as well.

Happy hunting. :smiley:


Thanks, that looks lovely! I hope DC puts out the World’s Finest as its own comic so it can be added here for us to read!

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@Mae I imagine that the new content from this non-exclusive line will be made available in the same manner as the Walmart exclusive content currently is (single issues for most titles, straight to trade release for others, etc), which would then likely end up on DCU at a much later point.

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Omg, I am sooooo stoked about Supergirl/Batwoman. I need to find a way to get hold of that Giant. I really don’t like the Walmart exclusivity, but as a wise man once said. Life… finds a way.

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@Pow-Pow The Batwomam/Supergirl Giant will be available at comic stores sometime in December, as it’s part of the new Giant line that’s no longer exclusive to Walmart.

Wally World just gets them before the comic stores do. :slightly_smiling_face:


Time for a Walmart trip

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After hitting my Walmart, these are all of the new Giants for November:

-Batman #2
-Batwoman/Supergirl: World’s Finest #1
-The Flash #2
-Swamp Thing #2
-Wonder Woman #2

Batwoman/Supergirl #1 is the only one I bought. It features:

-a Batwoman and Supergirl team-up (new)
-a solo Batwoman story (new)
-a solo Supergirl story (new)
-Batwoman: Rebirth #1
-Supergirl: Rebirth #1
-Batwoman (2010) #0

No sign of Crisis on Infinite Earths Giant #1, so that must be on tap for next month.


Thanks for the head’s up.

I was able to grab them all. I’ve been checking the rack every time I’ve been to Wally World this month.

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Found Wonder Woman 2 and Batwoman/Supergirl last night. This was at a Walmart I’ve never been to. They had Superman 15 but not 16. I’m going to assume 16 is just a myth for now.


@chintzybeatnik and @Jewell-El Congrats on your finds!

@Jewell-El Sorry to hear you haven’t found Superman Giant #16 yet. Have you seen the other Giants that came out with it (Aquaman, DC Super Hero Girls and Teen Titans Go!)?

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Yeah I’ve seen every single one of those but Superman. It’s so weird.

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That is peculiar. I guess your area has many Superman fans in it. Be patient, and don’t give in to the eBay scalpers.

SN: This past Friday, I saw a kid flipping through these books. The month before, I also saw a kid flipping through these (he bought Flash Giant #1). I was happy to see this, and I hope these books will be a springboard for kids and other folks to get into the core content.

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These books have really gotten my wife into reading comics. She now buys more than I do.


That’s neat, the more the merrier. Does she have a favorite title or character?

Yeah she is mostly into Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. We’ve also been picking up the Joe Hill books because they are right up our alley.


You know, I’m surprised Harley doesn’t have a Giant book yet. Maybe something will pop up once the Birds of Prey movie gets closer to being released.

Yeah imagine she’ll have one soon.

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I’m glad to hear that these comics are doing what they were designed to do in other parts of the country. They’re a largely unknown commodity where I live, they practically spill out onto the floor.

Killer concept and a good value, though