Not Having Azarello and Chiangs Wonder Woman in the “Where to Start Reading WW” Article Is a Crime

For me it still remains the ultimate jumping on point. I understand that it doesnt appeal to all Wonder Woman fans, but it drew in that pesky new reader comics are always looking for, and Rucka backtracking was the worst mistake of Rebirth.

Anyways getting a bit off topic. My point is that it’s a wonderful jumping on point and a great story.


Agree with your sentiment. It’s how I started with Wonder Woman, and in my opinion, better than everything that came after it.

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I suppose it’s okay if you’re already familiar with the basic premise of Wonder Woman from the TV show or the film, but it’s not something I would choose as an introduction to the character.


I was put off mainly by the Amazons
Going into ships
Forcing sailors to have s e x
Maybe killing them
Raising female babies
Giving male bsbies as slaves to
Grerk God Hephaestus

Meant Amazons evil
Not Immortal
Yet never see children on island

See link

Not my favorite
Wonder Woman series
at all
Because of that

I do think
Rucka too far
In Lies
I missed the Amazons in.the book
Rucka said
Amazons who Steve and Diana
Meet in
Are fake
Reacting to above
But he never explained
Where these amazons
Came from
Why these existed

Saying previous series lies
Is not called for

His Year One
Was amazibg
The Amazons wonderful
Steve Etta Barbara are introduce great
And is the best intro
To the character
She is a super hero
Yet young and vulnerable

The gods are more interesting in your favorite
Rucka had them as animals
But if I remember cortrctly
It was the interaction
With the greek gods
Was the
main idea in the book

And wasn’t as interesting as the
Series progressed

I may be wrong
But never felt
Dians was a super hero
Even part timr

I didn’t know ehy
She was in Man’s World

She felt like Wonder Woman in.
Batman.v Superman

Turning her back on.mankind
After.World.War II
Never intervening


The TV series is pretty much all I knew at the time, along with Super Friends and the JL cartoons. Why do you think it wouldn’t be a good introduction? Only asking to be edumacated.

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I believe he is talking about this article

Where to Start Reading Wonder Woman Comics


Yeah, I think Azz was trying to make the Amazons as flawed as Man’s World, which I think has interesting narrative potential, and just went way too far.

Still I think his run is top three best Wonder Woman runs in history, right up there with Perez’s.

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I like it. The Amazonians were ancient Greek Warriors. They would not be sunshine and rainbows. They are a culture stuck in a violent past. The idea that they are some perfect society has always been silly.

I don’t like it all

Different people like different things

And the creator of Wonder Woman
Probably knew what you said

Certainly his wife who was fluent in Greek language and culture did

And ignored it
Because historic accuracy was not his goal

The ideas of a heroine
Who would represent his philosophy
Wae his major goal

Women as equal to or even superior to men

Submission and prominence as major factors influencing how people react

Not slavery murder and r a p e

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A heroine can represent a certain philosophy without the Amazonians doing the same. The idea of a society without men somehow being perfect is flawed from the inception at best and sexist at worst. Its just a bad part of her origin and one reason it’s been hard for audiences to relate to her for decades.

We just disagree

It is very hard for a have different ideals
Apart from the society they are un

They would never have heard
About these other ideas.

And Wonder Woman
Acts suprised when told about them

Why would the Amazons
Keep it a secret if it was a
Critical part of the culture?

Shouldn’t there be other children
on the iisland she saw?

She was at least 18 years old
When she left

If the Amazons are not immortal
And must reproduce
There is only a limited number of years
For childbirth

Even if they quit for some reason
When Diana was born
And even then
The Amazon would bary by age
Old young
And Diana never noticed this
And is an idiot.
For buying the made of clay idea.

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If it’s a crime, it’s a crime on par with jay walking.

It was an interesting take, and certainly worth reading. But if you’ve never read Wonder Woman before, that shouldn’t be where you start.


As an introduction to the character, I think it’s too different from most portrayals in terms of violence and darkness. Usually, WW is about truth and peace. She is a great warrior, but violence isn’t her only (or even first) solution in most iterations I’ve read/seen. I think these ‘where to starts’ should give new readers a handle on the essence that made these heroes icons.


I just checked the Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary boxed-set and the first volume of Azzarello/Chiang’s book is included. It is weird that this was skipped over in the “Where to start reading” section. The other 3 books included were from Perez, Rucka, and Simone.

If you had seen the TV series, then you’d be in an okay place to read it. I just don’t think that it does a good job at introducing the fictional world to new readers.

Perez is a solid place to start. It actually sets up the world.


I agree that that Perez is a great place to start! After I finish the Superman story I am reading I am about to revisit this book.


It’s simple. The Queen. Her mother. Wanted to protect her from the harsh realities of the world like any mother would. Makes her a more interesting character than Hippolyta usually is.

Thank you for answer

Makes sense

Still there should br other kids around and very old amazons

Unless Queen another islanf
To maintain illusion
Diana only child
And Amazons ageless.immortals

I looked it up for context. So they Amazons do the ritual only 3 times a century. It’s just likely the last time they did it was a few years before Diana was born. The Amazons also refer to people as Mortals so seemingly they are immortal. Perhaps the population was originally very small and they slowly grew throughout the centuries. Regardless the fact is that they just havent done it in a long time.

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Still unlese
Diana was kept under strict supervision
In the castle

She should have seen kids around
her age
And very old Amazons
Amazons born 5 years before Diana
38 years before Diana
71 years before Diana

Maybe if mom imortal
Child immortal
And grows up very fast.