Not Getting Episodes

Is anyone else not getting episodes 19-24?

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It’s a problem I reported more than a week ago. No answer from Tech Support except try it several times

My Young Justice goes up to 19 although 20 and 21 exist if you could get to them. On tuesday we will get 22.

The next episode seems to work. Go to the end of 19 to get 20 and then go to the end of 20 to get 21.

If you know the name of the episode Search will give you the episode

If you search News and find a link to the episode you are looking for these link will go the proper episodes

Episode names

  1. Elder Wisdom
    *8.4 23 Jul. 2019

20.Quiet Conversations
8.3 30 Jul. 2019

  1. Unknown Factors
    8.2 6 Aug. 2019

  2. Antisocial Pathologies
    13 Aug. 2019

  3. Terminus
    20 Aug. 2019

  4. Into the Breach
    27 Aug. 2019

  5. Overwhelmed
    27 Aug. 2019

  6. Nevermore
    27 Aug. 2019


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I got a nice shiny badge from the mods and they promised to be polite when they delete another of my thread, three this week so far.

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If you’re on mobile, when you can only get down to episode 20 or so, I find that scrolling back up and then scrolling back down a time or two usually works.

That is what Tech Support said about a week ago.