not getting DC animated movies until 90 days after physical release.

how’s everyone feel about this. Not a fan I much preferred when we got them the same time as physical release and now we won’t get them for 3 months. I love that we have original series and comics on the app but I don’t think we should start rolling back on the perks for subscribers.


I’m really the most f9rgiving guy on the planet and if they were losing money then I guess I understand but yes…I’m also disheartened by this. The animated films were a huge draw for me and I can’t understand why 3 months is the timeframe they settled on…I’m not leaving. But I am sad about this


It doesn’t bother me. I bought the movies before DCU existed, so I’m fine with resuming my habit of buying them.

The important thing is that we’re still getting them. Yes, it’s a substantial delay, but it’s better than not getting them at all.


It’s the same movie 3 months later, I still save by not buying so I’m fine

hmmm… one one hand it’s kinda bummer.

But on the other hand I realize that I still haven’t watched Hush, Gotham by Gaslight, and probably a whole bunch of them because I don’t have time. So in 90 days, these new releases will still end up in the ever growing pile of “things I will watch whenever I find time to do so” list.


I am fine with it. Frankly, I was surprised we got them so quickly before. I wait a year for the new comics to hit here, so 90 days is not so bad.

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I buy em anyway, just because they look nice on my shelf, and since I barely have time to watch anything these days, it really doesn’t matter when they drop to me.

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I generally will buy them for the bonus content. I love the docos and BTS stuff. Sometimes extras are more/longer in minutes content than the feature.

I’m guessing the simultaneous release probably hurt disc/digital release sales. I don’t mind waiting since sales are often one of the factors used to determine new projects. Ninety days is better than the year wait time for newly released comics to premiere on the service.

I buy physical copies when they’re released, so eh, no outrage here

Good business move, it made no sense to kill off sales by releasing them on here so early

Well I think anyone being honest would say they would rather get them the same day as physical release. And now every time a movie comes out we will get months of post complaining it isn’t on here, instead of one month of that from digital to Blue Ray release. And that doesn’t sound fun.

But I am not too upset personally. Can assume it was hurting DVD/Blue-Ray sales as I am sure there were people who stopped buying them in leiu of DCU. Most don’t release movies to streaming the same day as physical release for that reason. So I get it. I will still get to watch them or can buy it if I can’t wait.

But yeah, while I am sure there are reasons DCU did it (anyone who thinks they are sitting there sayhing “What, you mean they would rather get them same day and not 90 days later? What a shock, I was sure they wanted them 90 days later instead” is being rediculous) but I can’t argue with the people saying it is a downgrade. But that is how things go. You can’t get things exactly how you want every time.

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I agree with Dan 100%. Exactly how I feel.