Not Another Swamp Thing Threat!

I think one of the reasons people have been so upset about Swamp Thing is the use of words like “cancelled”. Yes, it was cancelled, but some people have been acting as if this was a huge disrespect to the cast, crew, and fans when in reality it none of use were promised a season 2 and were getting a season one.

I think a better way to describe this situation is that we now have confirmation we will not be getting a second season.

We’re still getting what we were promised, it’s just a shame it won’t go where we were hoping.

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The title is supposed to say thread


Okay so these 10 episodes better have an official finale because if it ends on a cliffhanger and set up for season 2

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If that Swamp Thing don’t stay outta my yard I’m gonna prune me some rutabaga!

@AnimalPerson Yeah, if it doesn’t actually end that will be bad. But we don’t know how long the people working on it have known that it’s getting cancelled. It did lose 3 episodes and they needed to make episode 10 an ending, so they may have taken the opportunity to try to twist that into a more satisfying conclusion.

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Swamp Thing, like members of congress, is protected by law from threats. So, expect a visit from the US Marshals.

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It also was never advertised as a 1 season deal