Not Another Swamp Thing Thread?

I don’t understand why people are so upset. I understand why people are upset, but not why they’re as upset as they are. We are still getting season one and we were never promised a season two. So now that we know there won’t be a second season people are acting like that’s what they signed up for. Why would anybody sign up for a second season that was never promised? Can somebody calmly explain to me why they think that. Thank you.


Why would they make the assumption there was only one season

no one told him they wouldn’t be more than one season

@AnimalPerson Good point, there may have been more, but if the only reason I signed up was a second season of Swamp Thing I wouldn’t sign up until I knew there was a second season of Swamp Thing. It’s sad it’s not getting a second season, but it’s not like WB robbed us of our money by promising a second season and then cancelling it, and I feel like that’s how a lot of people are acting like it is.

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I am sorry to see it not getting renewed and sorry that apparently DCU and WB apparently took one hell of a hit. But as others above have said, no one was promised more then one season. This “I want my money back” mentality makes no sense unless they misunderstood and thought the rest of season 1 wouldn’t air as some articled at least unintentionally implied (if not were flat out misinformed). They paid to see season 1 of Swamp Thing… they are getting season 1 of Swamp Thing.

I mean if they feel the right thing to do is cancel fair enough, but I don’t see why they won’t wait until it ends then cancel it. Was that not the plan all along? I mean if the only thing of value to them on the service was Swamp Thing, even if it got picked up as fast as Titans did, it would still be a year before next season. Were they going to pay for something they were not watching?

Or did they get the annual subsciption because if so I guess that sucks, but at the same time the subscription most likely would have run out before a season 2 if it had happened. So why would you pay 70 bucks for 10 episodes you could have just paid 24 for the three months it will air. Or hell just pay for one month after it finishes and then cancel and you got it for 8 bucks. I get not having a lot of money, I don’t have a lot of money, but this “you robbed me of my precious money” isn’t really cutting it to me when things like that make me think their money isn’t that sacred to them.

I think in a sense they lied they knew the show is canceled back when they cut the show from 13 episodes to 10 they should have told them then it wouldn’t have a second season


I had anticipated the first season being in the swamp, with a big horror lean, and to have storylines and lore bits like the Parliament of Trees or the JL Dark team-up to happen in future seasons. So yes, never promised a second season, but was not expecting the show to be able to get to a few of my favorite stories in the first season. So that makes it a little bittersweet. Still looking forward to today’s episode. Saving it for after work!

And why didn’t they say it was cancelled because it would affect new subscribers

Who would subscribe to something that was already canceled

Or they are trying to work out an overseas streaming deal, shop it around or some other way to make up the money and didn’t want to hype anything as dead in the water before they exhausted all avenues.

@AnimalPerson Because the show is still happening. “Cancelled”, while correct, is too strong a word. They just confirmed there not be a second season.

There was no confirmation of a second season in the first place, so new subscribers shouldn’t have joined for something they had no confirmation of.

They where hoping for more the one season. is the whole reason the last few episodes had to be rewritten

@AnimalPerson No, the last three episodes were probably removed because WB didn’t want to pay for the production of them after they released they had to spend 19,000,000 more dollars than they expected. Of course that’s just speculation and none of it’s confirmed, but I think that would make sense.

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It comes down to this they should have been more open and honest they should have said something like due to complications we only going to be able to have one season of Swamp Thing or at some point told us there whould only be one season
People saw Titans was getting a second season why not Swamp Thing
People make assumptions all the time

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@AnimalPerson I do agree that WB being slightly more open would have helped stop the huge flow of rumors that happened yesterday.

Here is the Ideal, let’s support their work… and mayhaps they will get Matt Ryan to make Season 2

@AnimalPerson: Why would anyone assume that ANY show would get additional seasons? No one can say with absolute 100% certainty that a show will survive passed season one and being an original series on a streaming service doesn’t automatically exempt a show from getting cancelled after a season either.

I’m watching the second episode and it feels pointless. Why even bother watching it if it’s just a dead fucking end?

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We can only hope that happens If not here some other services

@Brendanthebattlestag Have you ever watched a stand alone movie? Or a miniseries? Or any show that doesn’t have an infinite amount of episodes? Yes, it’s ending. But hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s going nowhere. It could mean it’s going to a satisfying conclusion.

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@ JasonTodd428

Because people make assumptions be a right or wrong

There was really no clarification what the plains where with the show