Not able to read most comics in firestick

Anyone else have this issue? Most comics I tried to read on my firestick won’t load. They stay in page one and it’s a blank screen. A few will load but 90% won’t at all. I’ve submitted a ticket but they haven’t been any help.

Use a phone or tablet …

Oh yes why didn’t I think of using a phone or tablet to read my comics on my firestick. How stupid of me.

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Odd what Gen of Firestick is it? Also have you rebooted it recently I found with my Apple TV at least it slows down if I don’t give it a reboot every few weeks.

If that doesn’t work I would reach out to the DCU support team!

Also should mention if there is a cache under the app settings on your fire stick try clearing that out. I am not too familiar with the fire stick but I’ve had issues with that on previous android phones with marvel unlimited.

I’ve cleared the cache and it didn’t help, I’ve also deleted/reinstalled the app, rebooted the firestick, nothing helped. I’ve reached out to support and they’ve haven’t helped either.

@Jewell-El, the forums are really not the place to explore technical difficulties, we simply don’t have the access to the backend to help you. Customer Support has to be the source of assistance. What was their last suggestion?

Additionally, this is not the category board for for technical issues. We are moving this to Suggestion Box.