North Carolina rebuffs DC’s story

North Carolina is calling BS on DC’s claim about the tax bill snaffo causing Swamp Thing’s cancellation. And…I believe North Carolina. So…this is going to get worse and again; the perceptions it will cause will be like a downhill snowball. Damn!


DC didn’t claim it, a guy on Twitter did, and then a bunch of sites repeated it. Do you really need to make multiple threads about the same general thing?


North Carolina is calling BS on the click-baiters claim. DC is in a corner all innocent like “uhhh…” and some fans are crying with tears in one hamd and pitchforks in the other.


Pitch fork here.

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Here are the facts:

DC lost effectively 19 million dollars because there was an issue with how much money in tax reductions North Carolina promised them.

Swamp Thing was shortened to 10 episodes. According to DC, this was an artistic decision. Others online speculate that it could be related to how much money they used.

There are no CURRENT plans for Season 2 of Swamp Thing.

My interpretation:

If North Carolina says the show wasn’t cancelled due to financial stuff, that might actually be a good sign. It would mean that they could make a second season if there was enough appeal. AppleJack said in the Swamp Thing Update #2 thread that the higher ups did pay attention to the outburst of anger here on the forums when the show was announced to be cancelled. If it really isn’t a financial problem, then we are in the best situation.


Does anyone here think a state legislature is gonna say “Hey there was an accounting error and it ended up cancelling an 85 million dollar project, Millions of which would have created jobs in North Carolina.”

We know, the govt. Local, state, and/or federal level NEVER lies to it’s citizens.


It’s true that there was not an accounting error in North Carolina. Quite a few larger outlets have published retractions of that claim.


Thanks for the fact check @ AppleJack :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that update AppleJack. I’ll look for the updated information.


I’ve also read it wasn’t due to an error, and and instead Warnerbro is to blame. Sounds more believable to me honestly. Because even if the clerical error story is true, still don’t understand why they couldn’t just film in another state or get funding for it? Either way, it’s my favorite DCU show so far, and I hope they figure this out for their own sake. I know it won’t help subcription numbers, since there are those who only joined to watch the show.

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I cancelled my subscription over this. Although I bought the year so I still have quite some time. I have no faith in them at this point. Failure seems to be in dc’s blood as of lately.

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