Nope I can't do it

It’s kind of like when live down in New Orleans I tried to convince myself I liked crawdads and shrimp the local cuisine. But after the 40th time of eating it I decided I didn’t like it

I’ve been on this site since it began back in November I believe and I’ve tried to watch numerous animated movies but there’s something about them that I don’t really enjoy I know I’m a minority on this but there must be something I’m missing now I enjoy the Disney Pixar movies and I enjoyed the last Spider-Man animated movie but as far as it goes

Tell me what I’m missing


You’re missing what were all missing:
Content that we haven’t seen 10x over already.

This is going to take sometime unfortunately.

For the moment, they will continue to add movies/series on here that pluck the nostalgic chord in us but it’s only tantalizing for a moment. I’ve only rewatched the last two seasons of Static Shock and some Batman Beyond episodes… That’s about it. Lately, I’ve mostly been eagerly waiting for the next Doom Patrol episode, and I’m not Gaga crazy about it the show either… It’s just that… There’s nothing else to watch? Lol.

I’m am still subscribed mostly because of the community forum and the occasional comic book here and there.

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But the whole movie/series library on here I’ve seen so many times over the years because I was absolutely obsessed with any thing marvel/DC. The only thing I didn’t care and didn’t bother to finish watching was Batman Gotham by Gaslight and that anime Batman movie.

But I like having the option of something being AVAILABLE to watch if I wanted. Guess that’s worth it?

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You’re not wrong. I’m just mostly excited to have all these movies/shows at my fingertips at all times now, regardless of how many times I’ve seen them. New content would be nice, but it’s still relatively new. Give it time.

I find the more recent ones to be pretty uninspired, like a factory’s churning them out. I still like Justice League Doom, though, and I think Under the Red Hood is pretty good.

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I think your problem isn’t the lack of content but rather you may not enjoy animated movies in general. Disney Pixar movies are a tad ‘deeper’ than most superhero cartoons. You problem enjoy them for their more complexity. There’s not a lot like that on here. I assume you’re a bit older? you probably have grown up passed most of the generic cartoons


Watch more adult animation. Love, Death & Robots (animated series 2019-) on Netflix may be better than everything WB/ DC animation has dropped since Young Justice (season 2). Netflix, & Hulu have at least 60 animated features & series better than everything here.

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@AnimalPerson I’m really sorry to hear that. Besides the fact that the entire DC Comics library will soon be available here, and the decent number of movies and series (which are going to continue to get better), I love the camaraderie and bonds that users and mods alike have built together. Aesthetically the boards are nothing brag about, but what within them most certainly is.

However that might not be your cup of tea and thats cool. If I where you I’d at least stick around through the summer. From what the mods have told us, BIG updates are looming on the horizon.

I’ll tell you what you are missing…

The fact that Disney Pixar movies are very cgi driven in a way that DC are not, and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse from Sony felt very Disney Pixar as well in alot of ways due to it’s art style. Some Disney Pixar films are even semi-realistic, and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse appears photo-realistic in it’s chase scene.

If you can get past the difference of animation/art styles in DC films then you’ll allow yourself to enjoy some great films with some great plots but the argument is no different from someone saying “I won’t play PS2 when I can have a PS4, PS4 is so much more hi-rez.” But DC films often have far better voice acting than Disney Pixar films - or at least in my opinion.

At the same time, not sure if asking others what your problem may be is going to help. If you’re not interested in Superhero animated films, you might just not ever change your mind. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve played a game or watched a movie and tried to force myself to like it - at the end I never change my mind. There’s nothing wrong with you, if you don’t dig it then you don’t dig it. Even if the rest of the world enjoys something, you’re not wrong for not going with the flow.

It’s reay a matter of you honestly asking yourself “Can I get over the animation/art style difference?”

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Thanks for the information every one I will take your advice and give these shows a shot

Try Green Lantern Animated series or Brave and The Bold

Try Green Lantern Animated series or Brave and The Bold

Ok I will Thanks

They are very basic, I think that’s what you’re reacting too. There are no surprises or embellishments. It’s just a-to-b-to-c story telling. Some scenes are beautifully animated, many are not. It’s a mixed bag for me. I think Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay is their best in awhile.


I think you have to find what works for you. I tried a few things I couldn’t get into, but I found a few I like.

I liked BTAS, so I tried New Batman Adventures, and that was some of the best stuff here, IMO. I’ve been slowly watching Brave & Bold, and it’s a little hit or miss for me, but I like the retro vibe and lighter take. Some of the movies have been good, like Death of Superman and Dark Knight Returns. But some stuff, like I said, is clearly not for me. It’s just a matter of figuring out what is.