Non-Universe imprint.

DC is known for a wide variety of genre and niche books. Especially a lot of the stuff from the 40s and 50s. In addition DC has had separate imprints such as Vertigo. Obviously the major part of this platform is going to be dedicated to your superhero universe. But what about creating original adaptations or even brand new content that is not part of the DCU. Things such as Angel Love, Scooter and or Binky, Date with Debbie, some of the Vertigo books or even do an original documentary series or an attempt at a soap opera such as Secret Hearts.

Should DC do something like that or do you think we should just stick to the DCU characters. Or is that better left to their sister site from WB to do?

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From a business/financial perspective they should do what is forecast to yield the best end results for the service.

From an artistic standpoint, I’m all for whatever. Chuck it at the wall and let’s see what stix!