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What are things that non comic book fans say that annoy you? For me, it is the fact that people rank Marvel and DC based off only movies. Some people I know will say that Marvel is better than DC in any possible way, but haven’t read a comic in their life. I’m fine with people having hobbies other than what I like, I just wish that they knew their facts before they make statements like that.


What annoys me is the common idea that Superman is boring because he’s too powerful. That’s not what he’s about!


This could be a fun thread :slightly_smiling_face:.

Agree with you regarding basing things only on the movies & shows. I don’t let most of it bother me though. People have different backgrounds when it comes to this stuff. And us comic book fans… I believe we are the niche audience, as opposed to general movie goers.

Anywho funny story

Went to see Birds of Prey with a buddy and his brother. The brother’s main criticisms were:

  • “Why are they using characters from Arrow in this movie? Those are Green Arrow’s characters.” and
  • “The girl with the crossbow. That’s the same thing as Oliver Queen; they took his story.”

So I tried to explain that it’s all different adaptations of DC comics characters, and that they’re not exclusive to that show. Explained what little I know about Huntress. It didn’t really help. He was convinced… they were aping Arrow. Nice guy though, and we still had a good time :slightly_smiling_face:




That is actually a really good one, along with the “he’s not relevant” argument.


If I’m being totally honest, until I started reading Superman, that’s how I felt. But now I know that he’s a humble character who’s just doing his best. He has all of these powers and could do anything he wanted with them, but instead, he chooses to help those without his powers.


For me it’s people referring to single issues as “graphic novels”

I’ve already got a bone to pick with that term in general, but when you’re referring to a single issue as such…yea, no.


Interesting thread, @JasonToddGod! I’m keeping it “light and playful” here. I don’t like when people down comics for featuring pictures, as if they are a lesser piece of literature (especially without ever giving them a try). I always argue that the accompanying illustrations are an elevated and inventive method of storytelling that often connect with the reader on a deeper level. I’m so grateful for having been introduced to this medium and have a great appreciation for comics! :blue_heart:


@JasonToddGod I think it is not limited to comics fans not liking people who don’t have all the facts. The general public doesn’t share the level of love for our hobby.

I’m not a sports guy, so I wouldn’t think to give my opinion on why this or that team won the Super Bowl or the World Series. Just like I wouldn’t say Hamilton is the best musical ever written as I don’t follow musical theater.

But to the general public it’s just another movie. They may think Jason Bourne is better than Mission Impossible even though they don’t know who Robert Ludlum (the author who created the Bourne series of books) is or have seen a single episode of the original Mission Impossible TV series.

Uninformed opinions are always annoying, but opinions are like you know what and they all stink. :grinning: Besides, everyone knows James Bond is the best spy franchise ever with 83% of US viewers preferring to watch in 2D.

I know it’s hard, but try to inform them and show them why you love comics. Educate them. And don’t sweat the small stuff.


I have one friend who loves the Arkham games and stuff with good lore, so I could try to get him into it.


Another (minor) annoyance, courtesy of my old man: “Comics are for kids”. I just respond saying I’m an oversize child :joy:


Really, my biggest gripe is between the term “graphic novel” getting thrown around and people proclaiming “comics” as a medium automatically inferior to other mediums. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: comics are a medium, not a genre. Some comics are for kids, just like some movies, some novels, and some TV shows. That doesn’t ‘lower’ those mediums or even those movies, novels and shows. ATLA is a kids’ show. So are Pixar movies.


Unfortunately, most people don’t realize comics is a medium with many genres beyond superheroes. Also odd, that comics like jazz are an American creation and sometimes appreciated much more outside the US. Most people have no idea about the beautiful hardcover graphic albums produced in Europe where comics is a legitimate art. Or in Japan, where manga is read by the smallest children to the oldest adults. They don’t realize that Road to Perdition was based on a comic book. Maybe one day…



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Most annoying thing, As I was watching BVS, one of my friends said “so batman’s in the same universe as spiderman” I then proceeded to explain to him that Batman is DC and the character difference between the two companies, DC is gods trying to be human and Marvel is human’s trying to be God. I also agree with @TravisMorgan, we need to educade people on comics or any other medium for that matter. Spread the knowlege.


I love it when my friends say: I love it when Superman and Spider-Man team up!

They think it makes them look smart about comics…:unamused:.


Ha! True


Something I commonly run into is that they’re just for kids. I get this “but you’re a grown a** man” look from people.


I have a friend who considers himself a Marvel/Dc expert because he’s seen every MCU movie and all of the newer Dc movies. He’s always saying that Dc sucks in every way and then I will say that their comics are 10x better than Marvel’s (I was just exaggerating so no one attack me) and he will just agree to anything I say to sound like an expert. It’s really annoying because he’s never read a comic before. He just agrees to anything anyone will say.


Yeah, my friends just don’t get it. I was reading knightfall in front of them once…as you can imagine many stupid questions arose.

“Duuude, is that catgirl???”