nobody really talks about DC REBIRTH comics, so please share, discuss, and ask on this chat.

Please talk and share, so many new things are taking place in the ongoing rebirth story line.


I loved Rebirth Titans. I didn’t always like it, but I loved it just the same.

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I’ll be here to answer questions. I love rebirth, but most of the rebirth events aren’t here yet. Still waiting for Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

@Nathan.Payson After Tim Drake and Steph drive off into the sunset in Detective Comics #981, what’s next for Tim?

Golly Bozea, Spoilers!

Awww man @MH! I didn’t realize @godofspeedsters didn’t throw a spoilers tag on this bad boy. The topic is begging for spoilers. :weary:

But seriously, have we seen what’s next? I’ve heard he’s in the new Young Justice book, but not sure how that works with the continuity etc.

1.) I’m on #971
2.) Tim’s in Young Justice - Good Book!

@MH Do you know if the new Young Justice is in same continuity, after Detective, etc.?

Sorry @kingofspeedsters, I promoted you to god earlier. Unintended slip.

I believe Young Justice is in-continuity.

Is anyone keeping up with either the titans or the flash?

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@BatmanOfZur-En-Arrh He’s back with Wonder Comics!!

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@Kingofspeedsters I’m a little behind but Titans is going to be cancelled and the Flash is trudging forward with a year one arc in a couple of weeks!

And Wonder Comics is continuity.
Also maybe we will see him in Detective Comics 1000

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@ nathan
You better be talking about the shows, because the titans comics are amazing!!!

The titans show is also pretty good, and the flash is ehh

Rebirth has been my deepest dive into DC yet. It was what made me a fan of Superman. It brought the first line wide event I was interested in in several years for main stories and tie ins. Also I have to give an honorable mention to Venditti and Hitch on the current Hawkman comic. Simply amazing!

although rebirth is an amazing story, it’s not the beginning. There is a whole life time of events and stories that occurred before hand that leads up to rebirth.

I can give you a quick tutorial if you want.

@kingofspeedsters Unfortunately, @Nathan.Payson is talking about the comic.