No WB at ComCon

WB is skipping this year’s convention. With several movies due for release in the next that have had little official advertising released and several more whose status is ‘unknown’ WB is abandoning a chance to engage it’s fans. I am glad I didn’t buy tickets this year.

sorry should say several movies this year

You mean DC won’t be at SDCC? That is surprising.

Correction: DC will be at SDCC. They just won’t be doing a presentation at Hall H.


Thank you for clearing that up for the op, @HubCityQuestion.


Thank for the correction but it is still a major slight to the fans. WB or DC I don’t know who made the decision, I just hope it’s not AT&T’s influence.

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What is hall H?

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It’s the hall where they do the meet and greets and the reveals. Last they released the Aquaman and Shazam trailers.

Well…Marvel has skipped Comic Con entirely a few times now.

Did anyone get upset? No.

But…when WB does something, oh okay. I see now…

HCQ is correct, as usual.

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True but when you are number two, it doesn’t make sense to miss this event especially when you have some major releases coming.