No trades or graphic novels?

So I joined DC universe for the comics, and I’m trying to see if maybe I am just missing stuff or it isnt here? Is everything single issue? Like no trades or collected books? And are there no graphic novels like A Serious House on Serious Earth or Joker? Also how often do things get added? Was really hoping to reread Morrisiom’s animal man run. It seems like a cool service but just trying to figure out what kinda comics will be added. Also have they said if Vertigo will be added?

The stories that debuted in trades, such as those you mentioned, Killing Joke, Gotham by Gaslight, The Earth 1 trades and others are not included. The focus is on stuff that have been archived in single issues. So if it debuted as a trade, or it is only on the archive (more or less the digital archive is what is also on comixology) then it currently isn’t included.

They also don’t include most of the imprints outside of the main DC line, such as Vertigo. In Vertigo’s case they make an exception for Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and Flex Mantalo, because they are adapted on the DCU original programs. But the rest of Vertigo at the moment is not included, and while the Morrison run came out before Vertigo it is retro actively considered Vertigo so at the moment it is not on here.

As far as imprints most other imprints aren’t included either, they have a good deal of Wildstorm but not all of it, and Milestone, Black Label, the Anime Imprints etc seem to be mostly if not completely absent. They do include Young Animal it seems, not sure about any other imprints.

License comics also sometimes are not on here, although many are especially ones that are crossovers with DC characters.

As far as what they add… DCU is exactly one year behind current DC Comics, so as not to hurt comic store and Comixology sales. Each week on Tuesdays they add the comics that came out that current week one year ago. So we are always exactly one year behind. They also include any older comics from the main DC line added to the arvhive for that week. Some of the recent additions since this started have been silver age issues of Detective Comics, Old Challengers of the Unknown comics, some Brave and The Bold issues featuring Swamp Thing, And are currently adding one or two issues of America vs The Justice Society, Hourman from the 90’s, Dr. Midnight mini-series, and Deadman’s 80’s run although no promise they will add the entire run of those. Each week is around 12 issues of past comics along with the weeks release from one year ago. so a couple dozen new comics a week. They have also added some larger additions on occasion such as the 2000’s 80 page giant comics which got dropped as well as the before mentioned Flex Mantilo (hope I spelled that right) which was dropped the week he was set to appear on Doom patrol. But as a whole the rule currently seems to be whatever mainstream DC books came out this time in 2019 (Vertigo and the other imprints mostly not included) and around a dozen older issues on top of that.

Hope that clears it up and I made it clear enough. :slight_smile:


That last part was whatever DC Comics came out this time in 2018, not 2019.


Hoopla has digital trades and OGN titles for free.

However, they don’t have the community, movies and TV shows, the Shop, Watch-Alongs, great staff, meet-ups or any of the other great stuff that DCU does.


Thank you so much, that gives me a much better idea of the service. I was really hoping for something like Marvel Unlimited but guess I will still have to bounce between this and comixology:) Thank you!

Agree. Considering this is half the price of the Marvel comics streaming service which has slightly more books but not many, and everrything else included this is a great deal. And it worth noting in a little over six months we went from a selection of 2,500 or so comics with mostly less popular books and a lot of incomplete runs or only one or three of the popular titles, to over 22,000 books with around 2 dozen added every week. So I don’t consider it out of the question some of the imprint lines won’t eventually be included or that they won’t be more recent then a year ago in time. For what we started with to where we are now this has been one hell of an improved selection. Yeah I wish I could read the entire run of Fables myself, but they still have more comics then any of us will ever be able to read so I can’t really complain about what isn’t on here.


Also to be way too nerdy, Azzerello’s Joker and Serious House were both novels not Trades.

I think Animal Man was on here, unless it was a different run, and has returned.

Depending on the trade or graphic novel, you can look up what comics were in that book and see if all of those comics are here. If so, then looks like you can create your own replica of the graphic novel/trade.

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Its a really impressive service and VERY DC. I signed up back in September and it is awesome to see how much has been added. And its much better than the DC App was. All the extra stuff like shows and movies is really cool as well, just not as much for me.

Debuted as a trade: Not allowed here (With some small exceptions)

Recent Critically Acclaimed Miniseries: Not allowed. (Includes Mister Miracle and Batman: White Knight)

When public list become a thing though. Expect for people like me to start turning single issues into trades as best as we can.

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