No San Diego Comic Con for me

Logging in to the San Diego Comic Con site, I noticed that all badges have been sold out. This came as news to me, since I expected to get an email about when I could purchase my badge. I am very disappointed with this, since, as some of you are aware of, meeting April Bowlby from Doom Patrol would have been a dream come true for me (although she hasn’t been announced, I assumed there would have been a slight chance of meeting her and getting that autograph). Also, this would have been my last comic con, since I need to concentrate on other things.

It turns out I was too late in joining the mailing list. I’ll still be heading to San Diego since I already booked the hotel and flight, but it’s still disappointing.

Smaller conventions are always an option. A lot of times you can suggest guests! Depending on where you live that could be an option.
While I guess it’d be cool to go to the bigger conventions like SDCC or NYCC, it almost seems like there’s too many people and things going on. Lotteries for panels and autographs for example…
Plus, at the rate things are going with the coronavirus, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets cancelled.

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Yeah, but it’s highly unlikely someone big would be at a smaller convention. So I don’t hold out much hope for such an event.

I don’t know what determines a “big name” celebrity, but I have been surprised at some of the guests that sometimes get announced. The last I went to was one in Salt Lake in 2017 and it was really well done. I’m always keeping my eye on that one and Phoenix.

It does come down to popularity a bit though, April you mentioned, doesn’t have a lot of “major” roles from what I saw, and I’m not sure how popular Doom Patrol is currently since it’s only viewed here mostly.

I say don’t give up. It never hurts to ask or suggest!